The Creamiest Ice Cream Ever, Houston

I left you on Monday, after a stroll through Houston and a delicious small pate meal, with us heading out in the night, adventurers in search of a lost treasure.

Ice cream.

We desperately wanted needed ice cream.

 photo Creamistry Houston 8_zpsk2ajq4mr.jpg

As we approached the shop, we saw groups of people milling around outside and a line almost out the door. Apparently the people of Houston, see ice cream as the thing to do on Saturday nights. I like them a lot.

It wasn’t until we got inside and was instantly freezing and surrounded with mist that we realized this was no typical, choose your scoop number and cone size ice cream shop.

This was a liquid nitrogen shop.

 photo Creamistry Houston_zpsurllfg9g.jpg

Liquid nitrogen ice cream is a huge thing right now. I’ve been meaning to try it but just haven’t had the chance.

In my mind, I envisioned a scene like in Star Trek with the red matter, where ice cream scoopers expertly extract what they need and use Sherlock Holmes-like scientific precision to make the most perfect ice cream.

Yeah. It’s nothing like that.

It’s very cool though, nevertheless.

 photo Creamistry Houston 2_zpskdciesrr.jpg

You choose a base, a flavor and any topping you want and stand back and watch as your ice cream is made from scratch right in front of you.

 photo Creamistry Houston 4_zpsdd9trv6y.jpg

 photo Creamistry Houston 3_zps0pwpi7kd.jpg

 photo Creamistry Houston 5_zpsxhzjvsbl.jpg

If there was one food I could eat every single day, it would be ice cream. It’s my weakness.

Liquid nitrogen ice cream, is one of the best things I’ve ever had.

Creamier and fresher than regular ice cream since it’s made instantly in front of you, instead of sitting on a shelf in the freezer for who knows how long.

 photo Creamistry Houston 7_zps3wrjjkgb.jpg

Lauren said it reminded her of melting dip and dots a bit, which is a high compliment coming from her, let me tell you.

 photo Creamistry Houston 8_zpsk2ajq4mr.jpg

If you’re in Houston and have never been to Creamistry, I’m assuming you live under a rock.

If you’ve never tried liquid nitrogen ice cream, I forgive you but please, fix that situation immediately.

Tell me, have you had liquid nitrogen ice cream? What did you think?

Houston, Texas

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I woke up to this site over the weekend:

 photo Houston 2_zps2arv2m0a.jpg

Last week was crazy to say the least.

I had to drive back to Ohio on Wednesday, go to a work event Thursday then drive back to Michigan that evening. Woke up early Friday to catch a morning flight to Houston, worked on Saturday and flew back to Detroit late Sunday night.

My Ohio trip was so brief, I don’t have too many photos to share (you can find all the ones I have on my Instagram) but I do have quite a few from Texas.

 photo Houston_zpshf3jjrjv.jpg

When you travel for work, you don’t get a lot of free time but I try to do what I can to find time to explore the city I’m in. For Houston, that was visiting Hermann Park.

 photo Hermann Park Houston_zpskrgvzgls.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 4_zps31j4xgps.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 6_zpsx4v76j3a.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 7_zpsn4yqmk09.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 3_zpssqo3zewl.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 9_zpspvcbbesx.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 10_zpsgoe62lgt.jpg

When you spend as much time cramped in cars and planes as I have recently, you’ll take any excuse you can for a good walk. Hermann Park did not disappoint.

It reminded me of a combination of Lincoln Park and the National Mall.

You’ll find friends renting paddle boats in the pond, couples walking dogs in the chinese garden, families barbecuing, kids rolling down the hills and people from all walks of life going for a pre-dinner stroll or getting ready for an evening concert.

 photo Hermann Park Houston 11_zpsljpi3aqh.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 12_zpsyukxodw4.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 13_zpskxsbsara.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 14_zpstu1ymmhs.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 15_zpsaodv6quc.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 16_zpsybathadg.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 18_zpstiq6vdnc.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 19_zpsc2bmo44h.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 20_zpsmsbh3cdn.jpg

The city all around you seems to disappear beneath a canopy of trees and traffic noises are replaced with laughter and shouting.

 photo Hermann Park Houston 21_zpsg2mvoyca.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 17_zpsbe5iekm4.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 8_zpsmwfwseiq.jpg

Located right in the midst of Rice University and the museum district, it’s the perfect spot for some late afternoon sight seeing.

I love visiting parks in big cities. I feel like they are the perfect place to get a feel for the energy and life of the city you’re in.

Hermann Park was very eclectic. There was no typical person there. It was quiet and busy. Full of families and friends. Young and old. There was a lot to do and nothing to do. I absolutely loved it.

 photo Hermann Park Houston 24_zps5gniyuhi.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 25_zps9xrauihs.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 27_zpspswbxhkw.jpg

As the sun began to set (our excuse – really we couldn’t take the smell of a good barbecue any more – we were about 2 minutes away from turning into Yogi Bear), we left for dinner at White Oak Kitchen in the Galleria – an upscale mall or, in as we came to know it, a complete labyrinth full of stores that will make you feel very depressed about your own paycheck.

If you love to window-shop, however, there is no better place.

 photo Galleria Houston_zpsaeobe0ko.jpg

 photo White Oak Houston 2_zpsh3ih1qih.jpg

With a happy hour menu that lasts until 8 (tell me that’s not something that makes your heart pitter-patter), we settled in for the night with big glasses of wine and enough small plates to feed a small army.

 photo White Oak Houston_zpsq0b6mobh.jpg

 photo White Oak Houston 4_zpsqodjdtsz.jpg

Dessert followed but more on that tomorrow.

If you’ve been to Houston, tell me, is the Galleria really easy to navigate or did you get uncontrollably lost there too?

Yates Cider Mill, MI

My very first blog post about a year ago was about Yates Cider Mill.

A week after we moved from Chicago to Michigan, my family took me and the Wolf there for my birthday.


It absolutely blows my mind that I’ve lived here for a year already! Where has the time gone!

It has been, simultaneously, the fastest and the longest year of my life.

Isn’t it funny when you look at anniversaries and milestones in your life and think about where you were at the start and think, if you only knew what the future is about to bring . . .

A little sentiment for you there – I just couldn’t believe it’s been so long already! I figured if I wrote it down, I would be forced to accept that it’s true.

Anyways, back to Yates. Being a Michigan girl through and through, when the air gets crisp and the leaves start changing the only thing I can think about is good cider mill donuts and, obviously, cider.

Yates has turned into my go to place in the fall due to their hiking trail along the river and through the forest that’s dog friendly.

You’ll know you’re getting close when the road turns country and there’s the smell of crisp apples and roasting corn in the air.

 photo Yates Cider Mill_zpsmqjcnc8j.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 2_zpsg9y1neua.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 5_zps4evtbqku.jpg

Yates has a trail that winds around the river then through the woods (I couldn’t help myself). On a crisp fall, day there really is no better place to be.

You can escape the city with a walk under the colored trees with the sun filtering down, with the sound of the rushing river below you.

 photo Yates Cider Mill 4_zpso3uajpar.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 3_zpsk21jtbks.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 6_zpskqznt1pl.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 7_zpscmspsktl.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 8_zps0moytdbm.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 9_zpsajkfmtk1.jpg

The deeper you go the sounds of children laughing and excited sugar induced chatter are replaced with the crunch of leaves under your feet and birds singing in the trees.

 photo Yates Cider Mill 10_zpspwyump2j.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 11_zpsonzrtwlt.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 13_zpsox5xlcdu.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 14_zpsxfo1a7bh.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 16_zpsul6vpz42.jpg

The face of pure happiness.

 photo Yates Cider Mill 17_zpsycmrxrqq.jpg

Tell me, can you think of a better sight on an October weekend?

 photo Yates Cider Mill 19_zpsxjtqeevw.jpg

Pretty soon, the sounds of civilization begin to  creep back on you and you’ll emerge from the trees into the heart of Yates where you can find anything autumnal your little heart desires.

Pumpkins, hay, stalks, roasted corn, fried donuts, cider, anything.

 photo Yates Cider Mill 20_zpsjofof8ab.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 22_zps9pqhylfr.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 24_zps0cn1eodh.jpg

The line into the mill is no joke.

Donut roll your eyes and walk away though.

Pluck up your patience and get in line.

 photo Yates Cider Mill 23_zpscaso5fiq.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 26_zpsb0dnyspg.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 25_zpspsdkdpnt.jpg

Then . . . it’s time.

Plus, cider mill calories don’t count so be sure you get a big bag of donuts and at least half a gallon of cider (each).

 photo Yates Cider Mill 27_zpsp6oeben2.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 28_zpsyo4urul2.jpg

 photo Yates Cider Mill 29_zpspbbqx0bg.jpg

This is perfection.

Forget the PSL, give me a cider mill donut any day. This, my friends, is fall.

 photo Yates Cider Mill 30_zpsjhwg6hiw.jpg

If you’re in Michigan, grab your own Wolf and be sure to check out Yates. If you’re out of state, find a local cider mill by you and be sure to stop by before it’s too late

One more sentimental moment before you go:

To those of you are have been here from the start, thanks for following along.

For those of you who are new, welcome aboard – we like food, travel and pups here. If you do too, I think we’ll get along just fine!

On The Road, Ohio

I’ve been a  Midwest girl my whole life. I’ve lived in 3 Midwest states and traveled through all of them.

It wasn’t until I started my current job that I began to appreciate the MW. I get to meet and work with people from all over the country and I always hear people raving about how much they love people from the Midwest. I’m not sure why we have that reputation but I’ll take it.

We also have giant lakes, good food and brilliant fall colors. As with all things, we have our good and our bad. The bad: driving through Ohio.

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 2_zpsmgplzcw1.jpg

Ohio as a state isn’t bad at all but driving through it is something straight out of Dante.

Flat, straight roads full of truckers and surrounded by corn. You do all you can to not fall asleep (for me that’s serenading myself with various not-so-guilty pleasure songs).
 photo F11D43E7-E2CB-47C8-A531-C287EE654015_zps8znjzli4.jpg

Yesterday, I had to drive to Athens which is at the bottom of the state, almost on the border of West Virginia.

Over a 5 hour drive from Detroit. Over 5 hours of 60 mph speed limit (come on, Ohio), fields and fields of corn, tractors and straight, narrow roads. It. Was. Awesome.

 photo Ohio Roadtrip_zpsfywv596y.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 4_zpsbfiwlbrd.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 3_zpsgrxdcd2a.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 5_zpsmeoscjry.jpg

After Columbus, the drive got a little better as Wayne National Forrest loomed up. The dreary, treadmill of a road instantly became one of the most photogenic roads I’ve ever been on.

Unfortunately, the shoulders of the road are only to be used for emergencies so I couldn’t pull over to capture everything but I did manage a few, quick snaps.

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 8_zpsfsgtihjw.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 7_zpsyppvgpr5.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 6_zpsdf8j1ipi.jpg

I finally arrived at the Ohio University Inn, nestled right in the heart of a storybook, quaint midwestern town.

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 10_zpsw75bzfpz.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 11_zpsxtynbhsh.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 13_zpse2ua5ncz.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 14_zpsziwfe5tz.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 15_zpsjfoo7jv8.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 17_zpsuxqanxwl.jpg

Each room opens up to a balcony or patio leading into a central courtyard where you can eat dinner, sit around a bonfire or have a drink under the twinkle lights strung up between the buildings.

Midwestern charm at it’s finest.

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 18_zpsfjbaktls.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 19_zpso3shxvj2.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 20_zpsorjmfweo.jpg

Avoiding the temptation of my giant of a marshmallow bed for the moment (which I’m currently in and let me tell you, it’s dreamy), I headed down to the gym to retrain my legs that they can do more than cramp up in a little car.

I have a jeep and every time I have to drive a smaller car, I feel like I’m meshed into a tin can. Is that just a weird me thing or do you big car people feel like that too?

 photo 2DA3F8E2-D68E-4B74-A0BD-407A23FB1864_zpsmjxh0sbi.jpg

 photo 9C0140D5-79C2-461C-8795-07F7E1E004CF_zpsoincwcuq.jpg

After the gym, I beelined right to my big bed for Netflix and dinner which ended up being so good, I just have to share it with you!

 photo DSC03065_zpsucabtwsf.jpg

Grilled tomato and peach salad with burrata.

 photo DSC03069_zpsq1rwnx8h.jpg

 photo DSC03068_zpsv61pbmuj.jpg

Squash and zucchini noodles.

 photo DSC03070_zpsguw1bipi.jpg

Perfectly whipped garlic, buttermilk potatoes.

 photo DSC03074_zpsoayyn91x.jpg

Currently, I’m in a food coma watching my binging obsession (The Mysteries of Laura) and wishing my pup was here to snuggle with me.

 photo E9C397E0-6C48-4F75-90D0-99EDAC027089_zpsfx7c9wms.jpg

Have you driven through Ohio? Is there another state that’s terrible to drive through? Or am I just really picky?

Easy Autumn Stew

I don’t cook very often (I’m a very lazy eater) so when I do, you best believe it’s going to be photograph, documented and posted within an inch of it’s life. Which is why I have two recipe posts in a row.

Well, that and I’m on the road and didn’t feel up to editing and uploading any other photos.

Anyway, fall is here and for my family that means one thing: Hamburger Soup.

 photo Easy Fall Stew 4_zpsbjomvk0a.jpg

My Mom made hamburger soup my entire life and it’s my absolute favorite meal. The day I would come home from school to the smell of stew simmering on the stove, I knew fall was really here.

When I got my first apartment, I was so excited for her to teach me her culinary secrets. I had visions of us blowing the world away with our creative genius. Opening restaurants to rival even Giada.

Turns out, this is the easiest recipe in the world.

I’m a believer that us lazy cooks need to stick together so I decided to settle with posting the recipe here instead.

All you’ll need is:

 photo Easy Fall Stew 2_zpsiip8bz52.jpg

A handful of potatoes

Carrots, celery and onions – diced (you can really add whatever veggies you like. I normally will throw in a few handfuls of Soycutash if it’s in my freezer)

Ground round or vegetarian substitute (sautéed and fully cooked already)

Low Sodium V8 Juice

Ready for this. This is the only tricky part of the recipe.

You put everything in a pot over medium-low heat. Cover it. Leave it.

 photo Easy Fall Stew 3_zpslpuiynjl.jpg

 photo Easy Fall Stew 4_zpsbjomvk0a.jpg

Stir occasionally and then serve (when your potatoes are softened) with a big hunk of baguette. Or maybe add a little parmesan cheese.

 photo Easy Fall Stew 5_zps4hudjgrn.jpg

It isn’t the most photogenic of dishes but it makes up for it in taste. And ease.

 photo Easy Fall Stew 6_zpskvwafzdx.jpg

Proof that even lazy cooks can whip up a good meal.

Do you have any good autumn recipes to share? Fall is my favorite season, especially for food so don’t hold out on me!

Easy Baked Oatmeal

We need to talk about something important. Very important.

Food. Breakfast food.

If you live and breathe Pinterest (like me), go on occasionally or basically, don’t live under a rock, you’ll know that baked oatmeal is the biggest breakfast trend since avocado toast.

 photo Easy Baked Oatmeal Recipe 13_zpsn77fcmnm.jpg

When fall rolls around, I believe the best way to start the day off is with a big bowl of oatmeal and an even bigger mug of coffee.

So, when someone passed along a recipe for cinnamon, peanut butter baked oatmeal, I had to give it a try. For research purposes. Of course.

Here’s what you do:

In a bowl, you’ll mash up two ripe bananas.

 photo Easy Baked Oatmeal Recipe_zpsjfiatsky.jpg

Add about 1/2 a cup of milk, 1 tsp vanilla and one egg.

 photo Easy Baked Oatmeal Recipe 3_zpsbd9chtrc.jpg

 photo Easy Baked Oatmeal Recipe 4_zpsa1onv4gt.jpg

In a separate bowl, add a cup and half of oats, 1 TBS cinnamon and a pinch of salt.

Add to banana mixture.

 photo Easy Baked Oatmeal Recipe 6_zpsingnuqhl.jpg

It’s honestly the most unappetizing, unbaked dish I’ve ever seen. Fair warning.

Pour the mixture into a greased square baking pan and cook at 375 for about 45 minutes.

 photo Easy Baked Oatmeal Recipe 8_zpsxkl81jfi.jpg

Cut it into fourths, add a little fruit and milk then serve.

 photo Easy Baked Oatmeal Recipe 9_zpsbyf5c5i8.jpg

 photo Easy Baked Oatmeal Recipe 10_zps8g86v8mf.jpg

 photo Easy Baked Oatmeal Recipe 11_zpskmpk8yr2.jpg

Overall, I think the recipe was a great blend of flavors. The sweet banana, the rich cinnamon and gooey peanut butter.

The texture, however, is not my favorite.

I think I’m going to stick with regular oatmeal from now on but if you like baked oatmeal, you have to give this recipe a try.

 photo Easy Baked Oatmeal Recipe 12_zpsmyyqcpi9.jpg

Now tell me, do you like baked oatmeal? Does the texture bother you?

More importantly, what’s your go-to fall breakfast? You know I’m always looking for new recipes!

Cheer, Cheer For Old Notre Dame

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I was in South Bend, Indiana last week.

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ll probably recognize the city name. Maybe like a word on the tip of your tongue.

Does this help?

 photo The Golden Dome Notre Dame 2_zpsaamqc3rx.jpg

South Bend is the home of the University of Notre Dame (technically, Notre Dame is it’s own town but people tend to forget that and just credit it as being in South Bend. Fun fact).

 photo The Basillica Notre Dame_zpsumcpgymv.jpg

If you’ve ever watched college football or, let’s be honest, turned your TV on on a Saturday and seen Rudy because it’s always on, you’ll know that Notre Dame is beautiful.

 photo Saint Marys Lake_zpsqfeba6az.jpg

I’m here to tell you though, they really don’t do it justice. If you find yourself driving through northern Indiana (maybe on your way to Chicago? It’s only an hour and a half apart), you have to stop and visit.

 photo Notre Dame Law_zpsvlxupslm.jpg

Until then, let me take you on a virtual tour. Oh, and did I mention I brought the person who introduced me to the beauty of a good wander along with me?

 photo P and P2 at SMC_zps7lksnuc7.jpg

Anyways, follow us.

 photo Wanderer Notre Dame_zpszfoyaqqy.jpg

 photo The Grotto Notre Dame. 2_zpsa2lkstck.jpg

 photo The Grotto Notre Dame. 3_zpszvickzlo.jpg

 photo Saint Marys Lake 2_zpsluzhzwld.jpg

 photo ND Graveyard 2_zps9hpschkr.jpg

 photo The Basillica Notre Dame 3_zps3lcl5wf8.jpg

 photo Quad Notre Dame_zpsxopkzaha.jpg

What many people don’t know is that Notre Dame has a sister school right across the street: Saint Mary’s College.

 photo Saint Marys Collegle Le Mans Hall_zps3fiofbi5.jpg

On our second day, I woke up early, grabbed a coffee and took a walk around campus as the sun came up.

 photo Early Morning Saint Marys College_zpsafjipfmo.jpg

 photo Saint Marys College Morning_zpsfoq8wqrs.jpg

 photo Le Mans Hall Saint Marys College_zpsv5g3shig.jpg

 photo Morning at Saint Marys College_zpswvezf1vp.jpg

 photo Archangel Saint Marys College_zpsefhkvuvy.jpg

 photo Convent Saint Marys College_zpsto3wvy3m.jpg

 photo Saint Marys College Cemetary_zps9d0f6md9.jpg

 photo Saint Marys College Clearing_zpsnatayokn.jpg

 photo Wanderer Saint Marys College_zps7kwhihrf.jpg

If you visit Notre Dame, you have to visit Saint Mary’s too. To see both is to really understand the full experience of life in Notre Dame, Indiana.

 photo Saint Marys College_zpselhw5m8n.jpg

Both campuses are beautiful with every detail immaculately thought out. They’re quiet and peaceful, the kind of place you instantly feel at home at.

 photo Notre Dame Law Building_zpsc3iwvftx.jpg

Tell me, what is the most beautiful college campus you’ve ever seen? Have you been to Notre Dame? What did you think?


October is my favorite month of the year.

The leaves changing, pumpkin everything, crisp mornings, the clothes!

You know what else is great about October? It’s Adopt-A-Dog Month.

Lupin Portrait

Having a rescue dog myself, adoption is a big part of my heart.

Walk in the Woods

Smiling Puppy

For years before bringing Lupin home, I told my family that no one will ever love you like a rescue dog and I couldn’t have been more right.

Adoption Day

Did you know each year on average 3-4 million animals sit in shelters waiting for someone to love them and give them a home?

Puppy's First Snow

Car Ride

American Humane established Adopt-A-Dog Month back in 1981 to encourage people to save the lives of pets and to better their own through adoption.

There’s plenty of ways to celebrate so be sure to check out American Humane’s website to learn more.



And most importantly be sure to support your local shelters by giving a pet a loving home.


They say rescuing a dog is saving them but I promise you, they’ll save you too.


If you want to learn more about Lupin and his story, you can read more here and here.

As always, if you ever want to chat about adoption and what Lupin and I went through, please feel free to reach out.


Top Carry On Essentials

Whether traveling by plane, train or car (automobile – come on, you know I had to), I’m a big believer in having a proper carry on. No matter what my mode of transportation, my ‘carry on’ is always the same.

It always looks a little something like this:

 photo Carry On Essentials_zpskqn93zkc.jpg

First, I hate traveling with makeup on. Especially on a plane. I know I look like a zombie child without it and I’m perfectly fine with that.

Just before landing/arriving, I’ll clean my face with a face wipe to get off all that comes with uncirculated air, pop a few mints and I promise you, it makes you feel like a new person.

I carry the minimal amount of makeup with me: powder, mascara, chapstick and lipstick. When I land, I’ll run a  brush through my hair and swipe on a bit of mascara and am ready to go.

You’ll also never find me without gum, glasses, a portable charger and socks.

Once, on the way home from Chicago, the train was stopped and sat on the tracks unmoving on the tracks for 3 hours in the dead of winter. I had come straight from work and was freezing in my pencil skirt and pumps. Never will I travel without the biggest, fluffiest socks again.

Also, liquids in a bag. If you don’t have Purell in there, I have you covered.

 photo Carry On Essentials 2_zpsaw7za5mk.jpg

My wallet, obviously.

I like to keep all my chargers and cords in a ziploc. There’s nothing more annoying to me than puling something out of your bag and bringing all your cords with it. Skip the hassle and bag those bad boys up.

A book. I bring Harry Potter a lot when I travel. This way, I know it will last more than a day (2 tops) and I know I have a story I like. Hell hath no fury like me without a good book to read.

My tablet and headphones. For obvious reasons (to avoid talking to people sitting around you).

 photo Carry On Essentials 3_zpsined6ace.jpg

A cape. I know some people like to travel with scarfs but capes are bigger and I’m short so this becomes a full size, fashionable blanket for me when (not if, when) I get cold.

 photo Carry On Essentials 4_zpsoupwgcna.jpg

A big bucket bag to pack everything in.

 photo Carry on Essentials 5_zps9xp9o6xp.jpg

Then the fun begins. Tetris!

I find deep satisfaction when I get everything perfectly packed away in their proper places.

 photo Carry on Essentials 6_zps1qfi7vuk.jpg

One extra thing that’s not technically in my carry on but I do always carry on with me is water.

If I’m driving or taking the train, I’ll take a couple big bottles with me.

If I’m flying, I always buy the big liter bottles and won’t let myself leave my arrival airport until it’s gone.

 photo Carry on Essentials 7_zpseu1ftgwz.jpg

Tell me, am I missing anything essential in my carry on? What are your must haves?

How to Make The Best of a Bad Trip

I mentioned earlier this week that I’m not a huge fan of Miami.

If I’m in the sun and surrounded by palm trees I can make the best of it. Yet, what about when you travel to a town you don’t love and even the weather’s bad because that’s exactly what happened to me.

I really can’t complain too much about the weather what with the hurricane heading that way as we speak but when I was there it rained, thundered and was a level of humidity that only a large storm can bring.

Instead of being upset about it, I decided to take advantage of being away from home by indulging in all the little luxuries I don’t get during my day-to-day life.

After a quick walk swim through the humidity, I took myself over to the local Whole Foods.

 photo Miami Ruined Building_zpskywgviav.jpg

We don’t have a Whole Foods by my house and believe me, I mourn for it every day.

Health food junkie or not, Whole Foods is the Mecca of grocery stores. Fresh picked produce, bright flowers and bins of trail mix, yogurt covered nuts and treats. I’m drooling just thinking about it. So is Lupin so, don’t worry, I’m in good company.

 photo Whole Foods_zpstyjnx1tr.jpg

 photo Whole Foods Flowers_zps2dsekopv.jpg

 photo Whole Foods Trail Mix_zpsgxgjq7ew.jpg

 photo Strawberries_zps8cb1j1es.jpg

I doggy paddled my way back home , dove into my grocery bags, sampled a little of everything I bought and . . . took a nap.

 photo Whole Foods Haul 2_zpsdz0sqvza.jpg

It sounds very anticlimactic but I assure you, it wasn’t. I think any grown, working adult would give anything to be able to take a nap in the middle of the day. Kids don’t know how lucky they are.

I finally pulled myself out of my massive marshmallow bed, took one look at the steadily increasingly dark sky and went for a run. Inside. Obviously. Just look at that.

 photo Storm Miami_zpsaznlixet.jpg

 photo Workout Outfit_zpsusxbwzcs.jpg

Grabbing take out guess what I did next? Ate dinner . . . in bed. Something I haven’t been able to do since right out of college.

Isn’t there something so satisfying about eating dinner and watching television in bed? Maybe it steal feels naughty from when your parents would yell at you about snacking and getting crumbs in bed. As an adult, there’s nothing anyone can do about it!

 photo TV in Bed_zpsp8edfau7.jpg

Come Saturday morning, I had to get ready for work. That is, after eating breakfast. In bed.

Maybe it’s just me and I have an eating in bed complex? Fine with it.

 photo Breakfast in Bed_zpsddg00juw.jpg

 photo Breakfast in Bed 2_zpsqdfeupfz.jpg

*mumbles* “There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne”

 photo Morning_zpsmoaacly8.jpg

 photo Work STyle_zpsliclfbge.jpg

After a very long day, I was treated to a gorgeous Florida sunset. It was about time.

I put on a movie (I can’t tell you the last time I saw a movie) and worked on coding.

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I started doing coding classes about a month ago and am absolutely in love. It’s going to be such a huge part of our future, it’s best to get a jump on it now, I think.

For you movie buffs, I watched Take Me Home. The main guy in it is from Parenthood and he wrote and directed the movie as well.

He plays a down-on-his-luck photographer (typical) driving an illegal cab (not so typical) and one day a woman gets in, after she thinks her husband is cheating on her and her estranged father had a heart attack (basically she had one hell of a day) and pays him to drive her from New York to California.

Naturally, they fall in love. It’s not a spoiler when you know what will happen just by the movie cover. It’s a pretty good story – funny but not a comedy and the two main characters are real-life husband and wife if you like that kind of thing.

Also, the main character’s name is Tom which he spells with an H (Thom) so all you hipsters out there are sure to love it.

Anyway, that was a rant. Tell me, have you seen this movie? Have you tried coding? What do you do when you go on a trip and Mother Nature decides to be very cruel indeed?