Wolfish Bath

This past week has been beautiful here in Michigan.

The sun has been out, there’s been no need to wear a coat, the leaves are all changing. The perfect days for long strolls, bike rides, runs around the yard and baths.

Yep, you read that correctly. Baths.

With the last days of warm weather, I wanted to give Lupin a good bath. A real one. Not the wash one part of his body before he jumps out of the bathtub and hides, like in Chicago. Honestly, he acts like getting scrubbed down with shampoo is the worst thing in the world (he’s crazy. You and I both know that’s the best part).

I would love to tell you I got a million snaps of this little adventure of ours as the wolf is exceedingly dramatic and wears his emotions blatantly across his face.

However, it was a bit of a showdown (I’m still not sure who won – he was bathed but I was still drenched) and bringing my camera into the middle of it really wasn’t much of an option.

So you’ll have to settle for a few post-bath shots.


As soon as we were done, he ran off for a few victory laps around the yard.



Which was soon followed by a quick rest and a few nibbles.






Pretty sure he’s been plotting how to get revenge ever since I brought out the shampoo.


Told you he doesn’t hide his emotions.

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