Shop ‘Til You Drop

One of my favorite things about Chicago is how dog friendly the city is. Even when places claim to have a “no dogs allowed policy”, it seems to be more of a suggestion than a rule.

In case it isn’t blatantly obvious from this blog, I like to have Lupin around. When I decided to move to Michigan, I was worried we wouldn’t have the same opportunities. There was, however, one place I knew Lupin would be welcome at, that he would love.

So, with promises of adventure we jumped (I jumped, Lupin was dragged) into the car and headed off.


Partridge Creek is one of my favorite malls. It has many of my favorite stores, great restaurants and gives you an excuse to walk around outside (not that I ever need one).

Lupin got to walk around, meeting other dogs and I got to shop. Pretty sure that’s a win-win.



Partridge is known for being a dog friendly mall. How it works is stores that don’t mind having dogs put a sticker in their window. You would be surprised how many are not only welcoming but love having dogs there.


Between the fall blooms, sunshine and smells, I’m fairly certain Lu was in Heaven.




DSCN2595 2

Whispering “yes, Lupin, your Star Wars collar is a million times cooler than that dog’s boring pink one” in his ear.


After going in and out of a handful of my stores in pursuit of the perfect lipstick, I figured it was time to throw him a bone. Literally.



With a bulging bag of treats in hand, we tackled one more lap around and a few more stores.







After, quite literally, shopping until he dropped, we hopped back in the car and drove (slept) home. I’m fairly certain, I’ve officially found my favorite shopping buddy.



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