Blufin Sushi

When it comes to taking pictures/blogging, I either take so many pictures the people I’m with get annoyed with me or I get so wrapped up in where I am and what I’m doing, I take barely any. The later usually happens when there’s food involved. Which is exactly what happened when I went to Blufin.

I’ve been dying to eat here for quite a few years now (big patios and sushi being two of my inherent weaknesses) and when I finally made plans to try it, I had my camera out, fully charged and ready to go.


I had visions of endless pictures to sort through (in these visions, I also was sitting on a beach, cradling a frosty pina colada) only to leave my camera at home and forgot to take a any snaps until we were about to leave.





I guess that little anecdote really says more about the restaurant than I ever could put in words. There’s something to be said about a place that makes you live in the moment, with food so good you almost forget to take an obligatory snap.


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