Winter Escape

I do not handle the winter very well. Before December 25th, the cold and the snow are postcard-perfect but come December 26th, I’m over it. I’m grouchy, angry and counting down to spring.

So far, I haven’t had to pull out my Nanook from the North coat out yet but all that changed this week and, let me tell you, I didn’t handle it well.

Since, I couldn’t hop on a plane to the islands I did the next best thing and went to an island style restaurant.


I love sitting on the patio at Waves  in the summer with a cold glass of wine but it’s equally as good in the winter to give the illusion that it’s not bitterly cold and snowing outside.







It’s still snowing and freezing out but at least I was able to escape for a few hours (small victories, am I right).

If I don’t see the sun in the next few days though, I’m very tempted to hop on the next plane to anywhere with a beach where the sun is shining and I can get a frosty coconut drink with a little umbrella.


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