Until Monday

I’m going to be taking a little, much needed computer break this weekend because . . . drum roll please . . . my soul sister, bff, main member of  my girl squad is coming for a visit!

College Party - Babetostal - Wanderer and Wolf

Dom and I didn’t meet until our last year at school. Our friendship started as all great friendships do, at a bar.

Our friends were singing along to hip hop songs, dancing, taking shots and I couldn’t stop talking about how badly I wanted french fries. Dom overheard me, her eyes lighted up and then this happened:

Stepbrothers Best Friends - Wanderer and Wolf

We ran across the street, got a big brown, greasy bag of fries and our friendship was officially established.

Brothers Bar - South Bend -Wanderer and Wolf

Bus to winery - Wanderer and Wolf

You name it and we have it in common. The normal things like:

Favorite music to drive to? Country.

Favorite way to pass a night? Lord of the Rings binge watch.

Pizza? Give me a whole one to eat myself.

Best snack? Popcorn and wine.

Dogs or cats? Honestly, what a stupid question.

Chris Hemsworth? *Swoon*

Friendsgiving - Wanderer and Wolf

And the not so normal things:

Discussing Harry Potter for hours (but honestly, who is the best Marauder?).

Geeky taste in clothing (Star Trek on my part, Captain America on hers)

Singing along to show tunes at the top of our lungs (and unanimously deciding Ramin Karimloo is the best Phantom that has ever been).

Senior Year Graduation - Wanderer and Wolf

Chicago Hancock Building - Wanderer and Wolf

Senior Year College - Wanderer and Wolf

In the past year, I’ve only gotten to see her once (thanks to poor transportation options on my part and a supremely busy schedule on hers).

So, needless to say, I’m a bit excited.


Tailgate like a Champion - Wanderer and Wolf

So, goodbye until Monday Internet.

Unless something great happens or anyone has any Michigan recommendations of things to do or, more importantly, places to eat.

Then in the name of friendship and my undying love of the internet,  let me know! 


Step Bothers Image



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