Fountain Bistro, Detroit

I left you yesterday with this ambiguous image. Know what it is? Campus Martius – they still have their twinkle lights up which may have caused me to start dancing around, Singing in the Rain style.

Entrance to Campus Martius, Detroit

Nestled right next to the ice rink there’s a little gem of a restaurant called Fountain Bistro.

Exterior of Fountain Bistro, Detroit

With a cozy inside, great patio (enclosed and still open in the winter) and windows on three of the four sides, it’s the perfect place to nestle in for a good dinner and people watch.

The lighting is dimmed inside (ooh la-la) which makes it difficult for pictures (especially food pics) but gives it the most cozy, charming atmosphere and makes all the lights surrounding you outside utterly dazzling.

Wine and Dine, Fountain BistroFountain Bistro at Campus Martius Menu, DetroitFountain Bistro Bar, Detroit

We started off the way all good meals should begin: with cheese.

The Charcuterie and Cheese Plate comes with three different cheeses spanning the range from soft and crumbly to mild and creamy. None of the options blew me away but they were delicious and a perfect pre-dinner nibble.

Savory Cheese Plate, Fountain BistroCheese platter close up, Fountain Bistro

The house salad has the lightest dressing imaginable and the freshest vegetables.

House Salad, Fountain Bistro

Quite content with our choices thus far, we settled in with another round of drinks, watching the ice skaters as we waited for the main course.

Which was . . . drum roll please . . . burgers! I know what you’re thinking, there was duck, lamb, filet mignon and you chose a BURGER, then you’re in for a surprise.

We asked the waitress what the most popular menu item was and without hesitating she confidently reported “the burger”. Right at that moment a waiter walked by with two plates of the fattest most decadent burgers and crispy fries. We both started drooling and yelled “I’ll have that”.

Pancetta, bacon, irish cheddar, romaine, tomato, pickle, on top of crispy onions, slathered in the homemade Bistro Burger Sauce and jammed between two crispy, flaky buns. *Groan

If you’re a veggie, no worries – they can swap out the patty for a homemade veggie burger that’s spiced and cooked to perfection.

Best Burger in Detroit, Fountain Bistro

The fries were completely grease free, perfectly crispy and crunchy on the outside while soft and fluffy as a cloud on the inside.

Perfectly crispy french fries, Fountain Bistro

We left FB with our pants a little tighter, a little tipsy but the biggest smiles on our faces. It’s delicious and the perfect place to go spend an evening downtown.

Campus Martius at night, Detroit

You can find them here:


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