The New and Improved Detroit

They say that no one is as loyal to their city as much as Detroiters. Unfortunately, I was never like that.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved being so close to Broadway shows and some of the best sports teams in the nation but when it came to loving the city, not so much. I would listen to my family members talk about what it was like going downtown when they were younger and I was disappointed I didn’t have that.

Growing up, we went downtown for a game or a show and came straight home. There weren’t many good restaurants and I really didn’t enjoy spending time down there as it seemed like every time I was there something happened that made me uncomfortable.

So, when I made the decision to move home, all I was told was, wait until you see downtown. The first time I drove down there, I was shocked. There are restaurants everywhere, people milling around and it seems like every corner has something new being built.

The love and loyalty of all those who believe in Detroit is finally paying off as it’s being rebuilt to be better than it’s been in years.

Campus Martius Turn Around, Detroit

It wasn’t until we were there last weekend, however, that I got the full effect. Walking from the Auto Show to dinner, we felt safe. We turned on Woodward and there was Campus Martius, full of dazzling lights, drawing you in like a moth to a flame.

Entrance to Campus Martius, Detroit

Statue at Campus Martius, Detroit

Christmas Lights Campus Martius

Fountain at Campus Martius, Detroit

Fountain Bistro, Campus Martius, Detroit

There were people ice skating, walking to dinner and just strolling around with a coffee, enjoying the night. There were friends laughing, couples with their arms around one another and families of all ages.

Heating area, Campus Martius, Detroit

Ice Rink at Campus Martius, Detroit

Ice Skaters, Campus Martius, Detroit

Woodward Avenue, Detroit MI

When my friend was here a few weeks back, she said to me as I drove her down Woodward, “this isn’t the Detroit I remember” and I really can’t put it better myself.

I couldn’t be more excited for all the things Detroit is doing and look forward to exploring all the things it has to offer. And taking you along with me, of course.

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