Why It’s Important to Adopt

Many little girls dream of growing up, finding their prince and starting a family.

Me? I declared at a young age, my goal as a grown up: adopt a dog.

Adopting was the key word. I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more than to give love and a home to a dog who was deprived of that and, to be honest, I still can’t think of anything better.

Shelter dogs typically have been to hell and back (Lupin was rescued from a puppy mill where he was kept in a crate and abused) and when you take them in and love them, you will never find a better best friend. The truth is, there is no one who will love you like an adopted dog will.

Adoption Day

I was speaking to someone  the other day who is thinking of adopting. I told her, when you go to the shelter, you’ll know immediately when you see your future dog.

For me, I went in wanting a small, older dog. When I was there, I saw a lab/husky puppy hiding under a bench from everyone and everything and I knew instantly – that’s him.

Puppy's First Snow

The first month with Lupin was the most emotionally exhausting of my life. He cried if he wasn’t around me, was terrified of everything, wouldn’t go outside because he was so scared and always had this sad look on his face.

Puppy Toy

Puppy with Flowers

You have to find what they respond to – for Lu, that was love. If he was scared, I would crouch down to his level and wrap my arms around him. He would look at me, snuggle closer and calm down.

You have to take baby steps, be patient and remember, you don’t know all of what he went through before you. If anyone deserves your love, it’s him (or her).

Chicago Skyline

Famly Picture

Pretty soon, he started smiling. He would wake me up every morning with a kiss across my face. He wanted to go on walks, started playing with his toys and began acting like a puppy. When this starts happening, you’ll realize all the work was worth it. He loves you unconditionally.

Morning Kiss

Silly Puppy

Now? He goes everywhere with me (as you can tell by the name of my blog).

Sure every once in a while something will scare him and he still has his broken tail as a reminder of what he went through before me but I’ve never seen a happier, more loving dog.

Lupin Portrait

Car Ride

The Bean, Chicago

Smiling Puppy

People say to me all the time about how I saved his life. The truth is, we saved each other.

If you’re thinking of getting a dog, please look at your local shelters and adopt. If you want to hear more about Lu or want to talk about adoption, I’m here for you!

I promise that even if things get hard, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and with a little work and a lot of love you will have the most loving and caring best friend.


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  1. I love this story! My family has 2 rescue dogs that we found. We found one as a tiny puppy under my parents window and the other had been roaming our neighborhood and we just took him in. They are two of the best dogs and so sweet and loving. Jake, happens to look a little like Lupin. We know he was put out because he was house trained and knew how to sit and shake. It pains me to even think about someone being mean to my sweet baby, but I’m glad that he is with us now. He looks big and scary, and people are definitely taken aback when they see him, but he is the sweetest dog. He just wants you to love him! He’s really smart and he loves to talk. I have allergies so my dog, Windsor, that lives with my all the time was purchased because I had to have a hypoallergenic breed. It’s funny how we thing dogs need us to care for them, love them, feed them, etc, but I know I need my dogs just as much if not more than they need me. They are my best friends and I love them so much. I call my mom at least twice a day to see what Jack and Jake are doing (usually sleeping on their beds) and request constant pictures. Sorry for the long comment but I’m a crazy dog lady and I love talking about my dogs and hearing other people talk about theirs. Here’s a link to a picture of Jack (yellow dog) and Jake (brown dog). https://www.instagram.com/p/5zuDfjH8sU/?taken-by=hhardydawson


  2. That is such an awesome story! We got our dog from a very reputable breeder, but I’ve told my husband that I have this calling to adopt when we’re ready for another dog. We love sighthound breeds, and our city has a huge greyhound rescue.


  3. Aww, this story made me quite emotional! Lu looks adorable, and you were obviously both very lucky to find each other. I absolutely love dogs, but don’t feel my city life would be fair on a dog at the moment. One day though, I really want to get one! xxx


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