We’re All Mad Here

There is absolutely nothing I love more in the world than curling up with a good book and a pot of tea.

In fact, I have (on occasion or two) unexpectedly started feeling sick when about to go out on a social outing and was forced to sit at home and finish the book I’d been completely consumed with.

But if we’re being honest, doesn’t running through the dark, shadowy moors of England trying to outrun a mysterious hound or reclaiming your home from a gold loving dragon sound much more appealing than making drunk friends in a women’s restroom?

My favorite thing about reading is how a good book has the power to transport you to a whole different world. It’s very much like Alice in Wonderland which just happens to be one of my favorite stories.

Who hasn’t dreamed of traveling to Wonderland and having tea with Alice and the Mad Hatter?

I know I have which is why on the first rainy day (because we all know rainy days are meant for tea) of the year, I was marching down the street of Birmingham to Mad Hatter Bistro for afternoon tea.

Raining Birmingham, MI

Mad Hatter Bistro, Birmingham MI

Warning: you may have to take a “Drink Me” potion to get in the door.

Mad Hatter Door Knobs

Mad Hatter Bistro, Birmingham MI

Mad Hatter Diamond Wall

Mad Hatter Pocket Watch

Mad Hatter Bistro
Mad Hatter Bistro Bar

Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea

Mad Hatter Tea Cup

Mad Hatter Bistro Teapot

Pouring Afternoon Tea

Mad Hatter Bistro, Birmingham MI

You can go for a full afternoon tea or opt for just tea and scones.
Mad and Hatter Tea and Scones

Afternoon Tea

Mad Hatter %22MAD%22

Be sure to take a trip down the rabbit hole!

Media Bistro Rabbit Hole

Mad Hatter Bistro, Birmingham MI

Alice in Wonderland Restaurant

Try to be more graceful than me and don’t actually fall when trying to fake fall.

Mad Hatter Bistro, Birmingham MI

” ‘Have I gone mad?’

‘I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.’ ”

The Mad Hatter

Second Floor Mad Hatter

When you finally pull yourself out of the rabbit hole and back to the rain and reality you’ll be stuck asking yourself one question . . .

Rainy Windows

“Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

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