Fishbones, St. Clair Shores

I blogged about Fishbones a while back in what was, admittedly, the most pitiful post I think I’ve ever uploaded.

I mentioned then that Fishbones is my absolute favorite restaurant.

A New Orleans style restaurant, it’s always fun, loud and a great place to kick back on a Friday after work with a cocktail in one hand a plate of sushi in the other.

I’ve been wanting to blog about it (it’s really too good to keep it to myself) but every time I go, I tend to unplug.

I forget about my phone and camera and just enjoy being there.

I’ve managed to snag a picture here and a snap there and finally have gathered enough to give you, at least a glimpse of the place. Most are quick, sneaky little iPhone snaps so bare with me on the quality of some of them.

Fishbones, St Claire Shores, MI

Fishbones Bar

Fishbones, St Claire Shores, MI

Fishbones Dixie


Fishbones, St Claire Shores, MI

When you’re seated, you’ll be served flaky, hot from the oven rolls with a side of rich, garlic butter to smear on.

Fishbones, St Claire Shores, MI

You’ll order a drink and start chatting about what happened that week.

All the she said thats and he did thats, feeling the Monday – Friday stress slowly slip away.

Fishbones Glass of Wine

When you finally get around to looking at the menu, be aware. It’s not for the indecisive.

There is everything from a wedge to alligator bites to Gumbo Ya-Ya soup.

My favorite?

The sushi.

Come on. Did you really have to ask?

Fishbones Sushi

Fishbones Avo Roll

You’ll stop chatting when your food arrives to tuck in, making yummy noises here and there, passing plates around and (if you’re as mature as me) having chopstick sword fights.

Another round of drinks will follow as you pat your belly, claiming you couldn’t eat another bite with a huge, cheeky grin on your face.

Delicious every time without fail.

Is there anything better about ending a long week in your favorite restaurant where you know the food is good and a fun time is guaranteed?

The Fishbones I typically go to is in St. Clair Shores but there’s another location in Greektown which serves Sunday brunch – I just might have to make a trip there to experience this . . . you know . . . purely to share on the blog.


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