Kinlochen, Crystal Mountain Resort

When I left you yesterday, we had curled up in our big, squishy beds after a day of wandering among the pines.

We woke up a bit later, to the sound of growling stomachs and went off in search of food.


We stopped over at Kinlochen, a gorgeous building with hotel rooms on the upper floors and a golf shop, lounge and pub on the ground floor.


Complete with gaelic music playing over the stereo, a big leather coach just begging you to nestle into, a large fireplace at your feet and Scottish decor everywhere you look.

Kinlochen, Crystal Mountain Resort

With Lupin with us, we couldn’t dine in the pub but the waitstaff was kind enough to serve us out in the lounge.

Kinlochen Whiskey

Dinner and drinks in front of a roaring fire – it pretty much fullfilled all my ski resort fantasies and more.

Kinlochen Lounge

For dinner, we didn’t hold back. At this point, I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you though.

Thistle Pub Dinner

Rock Steak.

Raw beef tenderloin is brought out with a warmed lava rock next to it. The rock is set on fire and you get to cook your tenderloin yourself right on the table.

Lava Rock Steak

Zucchini pasta complete with pecorino, stir fired carrots, tofu and grape tomatoes, covered in avocado-coconut broth. *Groan

Thistle Pub, Crystal Mountain Resort

Thistle fries cooked with truffle butter, parm and sea salt with garlic roasted aioli.

Thistle Fries

Finally, a market salad with perfectly grilled chicken.

Garden Salad

Crytal Mountain Thistle Pub

We left Kinlochen very full and happy to a dark night with snow falling and headed back to the hotel so I could slip into a hot, jacuzzi bath with my book.

The only thing that would make it better is if Jamie Fraser walked through the door, kilt and all.

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  1. That meal looks amazing! Especially since you were able to eat sitting by a warm fire. What a cozy vacation spot!
    xo, Rowan |


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