Crystal Mountain Resort, Day 2

After a thoroughly relaxing night and finally getting to fulfill my ski resort dreams we woke up the next morning to . . .

 photo IMG_7875_zpstes2a7y3.jpg

Snow! A huge storm passed through that night and blanketed the entire resort in a thick layer of powder.

I threw on multiple layers of, well, everything, grabbed the wolf and rushed out into the snow.

 photo IMG_7876_zps3ovlj4bz.jpg

 photo IMG_7879_zpshkpn7fmz.jpg

 photo IMG_7867_zpsak7nauml.jpg

 photo IMG_7866_zpsme8zhkhb.jpg

 photo IMG_7880_zpslv33ban4.jpg

 photo IMG_7873_zpsucnalkh2.jpg

 photo IMG_7878_zpsgmwbbv8q.jpg

 photo IMG_7893_zpsptvxw6t5.jpg

 photo IMG_7891_zpsl1cmbla0.jpg

 photo IMG_7898_zps49rqe6ro.jpg

 photo IMG_7895_zpserpzqmrm.jpg

Being part husky, Lupin loves the snow.

When I first brought him home, he was scared of everything – especially being outside. That is, until it snowed. The first day after a big snowfall, he ran out in the courtyard and settled himself on a snow mound like he was a king and refused to move.

That being said, he’s the perfect opponent for a snowball fight which I’m always game for.

 photo IMG_7899_zpshtrburis.jpg

 photo IMG_7901_zpslwaq705d.jpg

 photo IMG_7900_zpsagdxfvgv.jpg

 photo IMG_7903_zpswpwxvw4n.jpg

With numb toes and wet heads, we piled into the car for the drive home.

 photo IMG_7910_zpsd1fvukyl.jpg

The storm brought snow to the northern part of Michigan, it also brought ice to the middle, making it a long, stressful ride home.

 photo IMG_7905_zps1yby7f6j.jpg

While some of us sat, white knuckling our seats every time the car fishtailed and skidded, others of us slept the entire way.

 photo IMG_7915_zpsw5vranar.jpg

Whether you’re a skier or not, I can’t recommend Crystal Mountain enough! It is the cozy ski resort of my dreams and everyone we met was so friendly and kind. It’s the perfect weekend retreat to go, relax and escape your day to day stress.

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