Chez Lou Lou

One of my absolute favorite things about being a girl is trying new hairstyles.

I’ve never been the person that cries when she cuts her hair or panics when trying a new salon (which is surprising since I’ve visited unbelievably awful hairdressers in my life).

When I studied abroad I marched into the salon a week before getting on the plane and said “Audrey Hepburn had a pixie in Rome and so will I. Cut it off.”

I’ve had spiky hair, long hair, bangs, a pixie and everything in between.

Mostly though, I just love getting my hair done. Getting a deep conditioning, a new style and fantastic blowout is one of the most relaxing and stress relieving things around.

I’ve been in need of a salon day for months now. I mean just look at this:

 photo image_zpsgpxkj7ux.jpeg

My ends were so split they looked permanently fried.

I decided to try a new, much recommend salon, Chez Loulou. I asked to be trimmed, primmed and to look like a functioning adult again.

Clearly it worked.

 photo image_zpspdadepyd.jpeg

In what felt like no time, I looked presentable again.

 photo image_zpsx3ldzhwh.jpeg

What do you think?

 photo After Haircut Shot_zpsfn0kv0or.jpg

 photo image_zpsjcmfhynz.jpeg

Look at that transformation! I feel like the prince at the end of Beauty and the Beast where he levitates off the ground, spins really fast and comes out a dashing human being.

Isn’t it amazing what a good haircut can do for you?


5 thoughts on “Chez Lou Lou

  1. the adventurer April 1, 2016 / 12:49 am

    i love the feeling after getting a new haircut! I am lucky that my mom is a hairdresser so I always had her around if I felt like experimenting with new colors or styles =o) I’ve been her most loyal client she says (for 24 years now I’ve just been going to her) =o)


    • Caitlin - Wanderer and Wolf April 4, 2016 / 2:27 am

      That is so lucky that your mom is a hairdresser – getting to try new looks all the time from someone who you know will be honest with you! X


  2. Rach @ This Italian Family April 1, 2016 / 8:31 pm

    It looks so great on you!! I love that you have had so many different hairstyles! I want to see pictures of you with the pixie cut!


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