Been There, Thai’d That

I love going out and trying new restaurants – making your way through the cocktail menu as you “ooh and ahh” over the menu, going back and forth about what you think you should end up ordering (then just deciding it would be best to get one of everything).

However, I firmly believe there’s something just as fantastic about going to an old favorite. In my neighborhood, that old favorite is T.N. Thai.

I’d even go so far as to say not only is TN Thai a local favorite but it’s also the best thai restaurant in Michigan.

Always delicious, an endlessly good menu, a sushi bar and the perfect comfort food. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

 photo TN Thai Restaurant_zpspb2nupsz.jpg

 photo TN Thai Decor_zpsuzzkcpjo.jpg

 photo TN Thai Sushi Bar_zpslgufbdc3.jpg

I stopped in last week after cutting off a good 6 inches of my hair while sporting my new elephant shirt.

After posting about the shirt last week, I’m happy to report that it’s even more amazing than I could have imagined.

It fits like a dream but feels like your old, favorite, well-worn T-shirt. Plus, it’s pretty roomy making it the perfect eating shirt!

 photo image_zps46rt7ewa.jpeg

Now, the food.

Crispy Roll (minced chicken, onion, carrot, egg and bean thread noodle wrapped in rice paper and deep fried).

 photo TN Thai Crispy Rolls_zpswzy6dl4d.jpg

 photo TN Thai Peanut Sauce_zpssc1xzd5j.jpg

Spring Rolls (cabbage, celery, carrot and bean thread noodle with plum sauce).

So good, I honestly refused to share.

 photo TN Thai Spring Rolls_zpsv6inbbee.jpg

The most delicious pineapple fried rice with vegetables.

 photo TN Thai Pineapple Fried Rice_zps2w0zhzhl.jpg

Sweet, savory, spicy and utterly unbelievable! The ultimate comfort food – perfect to curl up with in front of a Meg Ryan-Tom Hanks rom com.

 photo TN Thai Fried Rice_zpslplrfoev.jpg

There is something so reassuring about a favorite restaurant where you know you’ll never be disappointed.

Plus, you know any restaurant with fried rice is a good one and if anyone says I’ve had too much, well just thai and stop me!


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