All Things Detroit

I have been waiting for this past weekend for weeks!

Eastern Market hosted an event called “All Things Detroit” where their sheds were packed full of local artists, authors, cooks and local businesses.

Nestled downtown, surrounded by bright murals and the Detroit skyline, Eastern Market is one of the top places to visit in Detroit.

A huge market that carries fresh fruits, vegetables flowers and art – there couldn’t be a better spot to host a local business showcase.

 photo Mural Eastern Market_zpskgikm5uc.jpg

 photo Eastern Market Detroit_zpsivjfhi0r.jpg

 photo Eastern Market_zps502ng143.jpg

The sheds were packed wall-to-wall with people “oohing” and “aahing”over homecooked baked goods, glassware, clothing and artwork.

 photo Eastern Market Shed 5_zpskic5lya5.jpg

 photo Detroit Author_zpsgxtragei.jpg

 photo Detroit Facts_zpsu0ti6hno.jpg

 photo Detroit Donuts Eastern Market_zpshxmhme7n.jpg

 photo Branded Detroit_zpswl1w3ixr.jpg

 photo All Things Detroit_zps2j8khelv.jpg

 photo Eastern Market All Things Detroit_zpsc3cadei7.jpg

 photo All Things Detroit Eastern Market_zpsco9kuqz7.jpg

 photo Eastern Market Shed Four_zpslcipqygh.jpg

 photo Shinola Eastern Market_zpsormpnqc1.jpgMy favorite part? The food trucks lined up outside!

I absolutely love food trucks. My favorite tradition in Chicago was waking up on Saturday mornings and taking Lupin for a walk to the park to grab a coffee and donut from the Donut Vault food truck.

There’s something about getting your meal freshly cooked from a truck that makes it taste like nothing else in the world!

 photo Detroit Food Trucks_zps6xkolf5y.jpg


 photo Drifter Food Truck_zpsblowezhz.jpg

But you know what’s the best food to get from a truck?


 photo Rolling Stone Food Truck_zpsl1piral1.jpg

 photo Wood Oven Pizza Food Truck_zps6aslfaw6.jpg

 photo Rolling Stone Pizza_zpsr3zhn3he.jpg

The look of pure love.

I don’t know what’s in your secret sauce Rollin Stone but it’s Heaven. Pure Heaven.

 photo True Love_zpsponmdgwj.jpg

Then, because eating a whole pizza isn’t enough, I had to check out one more truck.

Just eating from one wouldn’t be fair to you.

Blogger problems, am I right?

 photo Shimmy Shack Food Truck_zps94fmqazh.jpg

I was drawn to Shimmy Shack because I loved how retro the truck was. Flowers and curtains behind the window and 50’s cartoons on the side.

How could you just walk past?

Turns out it’s a completely vegan menu.

Whether you’re vegan or not, I can report that every single thing smelled and looked amazing.

Who doesn’t love a menu full of guac, hummus and spices?

 photo Shimmy Shack Menu_zpsu3lkjrmj.jpg

Having eaten a whole pizza, I just grabbed some half/half fries. Half regular, half sweet potato with the most amazing (secret) seasoning.

Salty, spicy and utterly groan worthy.

 photo Shimmy Shack Sweet Potato Fries_zpsvgqd77u6.jpg

I have never had better fries in my entire life. Big statement, I know, but I stand by it.

 photo Shimmy Shack Detroit_zps1kra8lqn.jpg

All Things Detroit was even better than I could have hoped. If you’re in Detroit for it next year, you must go!

I love events where you get to see how many unbelievably creative and talented people live around you. It really makes you appreciate your city in a new light.


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