Morning Glory, Grosse Pointe

I feel like I haven’t blogged in absolute ages!

Last week I was feeling a bit under the weather and when I wasn’t running back and forth between errands and work, all I wanted to do was curl up in bed.

I’m back now though and am finally ready to share with you my very favorite coffee spot.

I’ve mentioned Morning Glory a few times but haven’t given you a full look at it.

Well, better latte than never!

 photo IMG_8021_zpsysldzgvo.jpg

The outside porch is open in the summer, letting you sit at metal tables, an iced coffee in one hand, croissant in the other, surrounded by marble statues (making you feel like you’re in a French villa) with the sun streaming in as you people watch.

In the winter, the patio becomes enclosed and you can sit out there with a warm mug between your hands and a cozy, roaring fire warming your toes.

 photo IMG_6544_zpstf4usndr.jpg

The inside is pretty spectacular too.

 photo IMG_8013_zpsyieppgmx.jpg

 photo image_zpsncapqzsq.jpeg

 photo image_zpssnpgv45c.jpeg

My favorite spot is right up next to the fireplace . . .

 photo IMG_8002_zpsrbxledb1.jpg

 photo IMG_8007_zpsa6r1w7il.jpg

 photo IMG_8015_zpscnfbgbs0.jpg

With this view.

Yes. I have finally found a place that loves elephants just as much as me!

 photo IMG_8011_zpskhemkpoc.jpg

You should know by now that I love a place that never leaves you trying to find something to look at or talk about.

I also love any place that lets me bring the wolf along.

Morning Glory meets both of those requirements and has really good coffee and scones AND has elephants everywhere. I honestly can’t espresso just how much I love it.

 photo IMG_8010_zpsexoez3jp.jpg

 photo IMG_8019_zpsnbznefve.jpg

Tell me, can you think of a better place to pass a morning?

 photo IMG_8016_zps9dp9iixu.jpg

 photo IMG_8005_zps8bgdonum.jpg

 photo IMG_8004_zpsb5xu5p8e.jpg

 photo IMG_8024_zpsaebbcuww.jpg

You’ll leave rejuvenated, awake, happy (elephants have that effect on people) and ready to live la vida mocha!

Also, officially started a Wanderer and Wolf Instagram! Check it out here.


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