No Chip Nail Polish

I’ve been wondering if I should blog about one of my favorite local companies for a while now.

I’ve never reviewed any sort of beauty product before so I was a little wary but I recently acquired a new addition that I adore and just had to tell you about.

The company is Cindi Naturals. It’s a Michigan company that creates safe, durable and organic nail polishes.

 photo Michigan Based Nail Polish_zpsrwc8b6ry.jpg

When it comes to nail polish, I’m absolutely hopeless.

Between playing with Lupin, baking and speaking like an over enthusiastic Italian, a fresh coat of paint on my hands just doesn’t stand a chance.

 photo Cindi Natural Nail Polish_zps6z3dp7kw.jpg

Then one day my mom started telling me about a new nail polish she loved. She claimed the brand went on as smoothly and stayed on as good, if not better, than the classic Essie and OPI.

I gave it a try and fell head over heels in love.

My favorite part? The names.

I’m a sucker for a good nail polish name. I’ve been known to buy some for the name alone.

Cindi Naturals’ all have Detroit names – my favorite (name and color) is “Dinner in Greektown”. It’s dark and sexy but my new polish (perfect for the spring) is pretty good too.

 photo In The D Cindi Natural_zpsnotdqkkr.jpg

 photo Cindi Natural Nail Painting_zpsgvtdygnx.jpg

Not to mention it goes fantastically with my new ring (which is a complete steal).

 photo Charming Charlies Nails_zps5b4bzpfz.jpg

 photo Wanderer and Wolf Instagram_zpswnqful8b.jpg

Every time I notice my nails as I sit around scrolling through my phone, I get a big Cheshire Cat smile.

Is it just me or does a good nail polish make anyone else extremely happy?

Speaking of scrolling through my phone, I officially made a Wanderer and Wolf Instagram.

Head on over, check it out and say hi!


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