Cornwall Bakery

As I’m sure you know my coffee obsession has grown to Lorelai Gilmore levels. If there was a way to order coffee in an IV, I would.

Why is this important? Well, it’s finally warm and sunny here in Michigan which means it’s officially ice coffee time. The best time of the year in my opinion.

 photo IMG_8093_zpsafemw8vz.jpg

I’ve heard of Cornwall Bakery for quite a while. It’s one of those places people either seem to love or hate.

Me? I loved it. It’s the perfect place to settle down with the paper or a good book and pass some time in the morning, coffee in hand – obviously.

 photo IMG_8105_zpsusg2dtku.jpg

 photo IMG_8094_zps10etslne.jpg

 photo IMG_8103_zpsz7gxwmtn.jpg

 photo IMG_8100_zpsirbdo3pt.jpg

Apart from coffee, Cornwall specializes in soup, sandwiches, baked goods and breads.

Carbs and coffee. Plus there’s a super friendly staff, kites hanging from the ceiling and flowers on the table.

You really can’t beat that.

 photo IMG_8102_zpszmc462jm.jpg

 photo IMG_8091_zps6zttidp6.jpg

 photo IMG_8096_zpsjej9gqyi.jpg

 photo IMG_8098_zpsqqyjewcj.jpg

 photo IMG_8097_zpslelmehtf.jpg

 photo IMG_8106_zps3qctb6ie.jpg

 photo IMG_8090_zpsvbjvsyja.jpg

Hopefully the sun is out to stay and there really is no better way to enjoy it than with a good iced coffee in hand.

You can find Cornwall at 15215 Kercheval – just promise you’ll send me a picture of your iced coffee when you stop by so I can be jealous and live vicariously through you.


2 thoughts on “Cornwall Bakery

  1. Rach @ This Italian Family April 20, 2016 / 6:28 pm

    This place is so cute! And since you referenced Lorelai at the beginning, all I could think about was how much this place reminded me of Luke’s. 🙂


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