Come Join The Family

You know in a good rom-com there are big, weekly family dinners?

You have the funny uncle, intelligent grandpa, sarcastic teenage cousin, etc. Well, that’s my family. Very stereotypical but there’s never a boring minute when we’re together.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I love Sundays. Waking up and relaxing with a book and big mug of coffee, not needing to rush.

Then at night, it’s time for family dinner. I look forward to it all week and I figured it was time I invite you along to be part of the family for a night.

 photo IMG_8164_zpsndlyanfx.jpg

 photo IMG_8165_zpsxqrbwlbz.jpg

 photo IMG_8154_zpsdli7vvf1.jpg

 photo IMG_8158_zpsqnffbjc2.jpg

 photo IMG_8163_zps6udf5owv.jpg

 photo IMG_8155_zpshx3ah60s.jpg

Even I need to check my own recipes sometimes.

 photo IMG_8167_zps4nbdx6of.jpg

When everything is chopped, arranged and cooking in the oven – it’s time to sit around and chat . . .
 photo IMG_8171_zpsumb3ydiv.jpg

And make long-hair into facial hair.

What? Your family doesn’t do that?

 photo IMG_8186_zpsfcr32rny.jpg

 photo IMG_8187_zpsqky3c8it.jpg

 photo IMG_8177_zpsbyqgx24f.jpg

 photo IMG_8181_zpsnwmtx85v.jpg

 photo IMG_8182_zpsjqdpmgfo.jpg

 photo IMG_8183_zps9rmftsdv.jpg

When everyone starts complaining that they’re “so full” and “couldn’t eat another bite”, it’s time to pull out dessert.

Belts will immediately be loosened and you’ll hear a chorus of “well, maybe just a small piece . . .”.

 photo IMG_8189_zps3kvkvh0p.jpg

 photo IMG_8191_zpscnajwwf2.jpg

 photo IMG_8194_zps4d6a0ewi.jpg

 photo IMG_8202_zpswad5m3d7.jpg

The sun has now set and everyone has gone home.

I’m currently staring at a mountain of dishes (and I’ve already washed half) drinking a big cup of tea to counter the effects of one too many glasses of wine.

Just kidding. There really isn’t such a thing as one too many glasses of wine.

 photo IMG_8209_zpsy8gzvf6l.jpg

 photo IMG_8219_zpsn7mgrqpc.jpg

There really is nothing better than a meal shared with all your favorites.

Do you have family dinners too or some other tradition you look forward to?


7 thoughts on “Come Join The Family

  1. kristen April 20, 2016 / 1:01 pm

    aw this is so awesome! i have never been a part of stereotypical family dinners, except at christmas and the like, and it’s basically the same. especially the long hair into facial hair, who doesn’t do that?!


  2. Rach @ This Italian Family April 20, 2016 / 6:27 pm

    I love this little peak into your family meals! How precious! Posts like this make me wish I lived closer to family!


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