Detroit At Its Best

There is absolutely nothing like the first day of real spring.

The sun is shining and we can finally peel our jackets off and bring the sunglasses out.

People are a million times friendlier as they enjoy an iced coffee break, lounging in the sun.

Colors seem brighter and everything is bathed in natural light and looks beautiful.

It seems like any time you hear anything about Detroit, the media shows it at it’s worst. Well, I figured it was high time someone showed you it at it’s best and when better is that than the first warm day of spring?

Come on, follow me.

 photo IMG_8245_zpszovbfpqq.jpg

 photo IMG_8258_zpsyrrqxn2z.jpg

 photo IMG_8256_zpsgkno9jbi.jpg

 photo IMG_8244_zpsujraudvz.jpg

 photo IMG_8239_zpsa4yshled.jpg

 photo IMG_8243_zpsh0psg0kh.jpg

 photo IMG_8246_zpshbs8z0gi.jpg

Shirt – Ann Taylor (Similar)               Pants – Loft (Similar)              Sunnies – Ray Ban (Here) Clutch – Coach

 photo IMG_8249_zpsb37kijwm.jpg

 photo IMG_8264_zpslsaiyegu.jpg

 photo IMG_8252_zps8jlrdegf.jpg

 photo IMG_8250_zps07dxuflz.jpg

 photo IMG_8253_zpsbnw32rv8.jpg

 photo IMG_8251_zpsbnwavhkv.jpg

Let’s just hope the sun is here to stay for good.

Don’t you just love spring?

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