Let’s Play Ball!

Here’s the thing, I’m not really a sports person.

If we’re friends and you try to talk football or basketball or, I don’t know, professional spulunking (is that considered a sport) I will most likely stare at you, smile a bit and nod while on the inside, I’m debating whether I want to get pizza or chips and guac when this conversation ends.

If we’re not friends and you try to talk sports to me, I’ll most likely give you a dead-inside stare and order a drink just to get through the next few minutes(no, I’m not socially awkward at ALL. What gave you that idea?).

However, I do have one exception: my Detroit Tigers.

 photo F71CF013-EF1F-4798-A5DD-0204633F3DA1_zps6v9fioju.jpg

If you’re from Detroit, visited Detroit or even passed through, you will know how seriously sports are taken here. It’s not one of those, I’m going to buy a t-shirt so I look cute and like I care when we all go to the bar, kind of towns.

It’s a live and breathe every single team, kind of town.

I will admit, I’m not the kind of person who will turn the game on, on a Tuesday night and stay up watching it. I’m more of a stay up to date on Twitter kind of girl (typical blogger, am-I-right)?

I will maintain however, that there is nothing in the world like going to a baseball game on a beautiful day.

Especially at Comerica Park.

 photo Detroit Tigers Comerica Park_zpsmuhjwvai.jpg

Nothing says “hello spring” quite like a sunny day watching baseball.

First stop however, the Elwood.

 photo Elwood Bar_zpsouc33rqr.jpg

Nestled right in-between Ford Field (football) and Comerica Park (baseball – for you out of towners), one of the top go-to places to grab a bloody mary and burger before the game or to cheer on your team with a beer in hand if you weren’t lucky enough to get tickets.

 photo Elwood Bar Ford Field_zpsuhagyzdl.jpg

 photo Inside Elwood Detroit_zpskwborads.jpg

 photo Inside The Elwood Detroit_zpscnoy9od7.jpg

 photo Elwood Grille Menu_zps1vqjzrfe.jpg

 photo Elwood Bar Drink_zpsapcr3fnf.jpg

 photo Elwood Bar Patio_zpsdmogrhfw.jpg

 photo The Elwood Grille_zpsnya5ugqn.jpg

Now, it’s time for some baseball!

We have a little time before the game starts though, so come on, I’ll give you the tour.

 photo Downtown Detroit Comerica Park_zpsewetikqk.jpg

 photo Detroit Tiger_zpsexn48nvd.jpg

 photo Comerica Park Detroit_zpsh8zqqlg5.jpg

 photo Ernie Harwell Statue_zpszkfzlidl.jpg

 photo Detroit Tigers Scoreboard_zpswrcp6tvb.jpg

 photo Baseball Game - WW_zpslqhu7nvw.jpg

 photo Best View of Detroit_zpssfnwefxk.jpg

 photo Al Kaline Comerica _zpszvhi9iod.jpg

 photo Comerica Park Hallway_zpss2irozlp.jpg

 photo Comerica Park Player Statue_zpsaawc8roi.jpg

 photo Detroit Tigers Game_zpsindqr9mf.jpg

 photo 121BF542-0168-4C8E-858B-ADCB7B5613EA_zpsoz1aqaxg.jpg

 photo Comerica Park_zpsoqfbktgq.jpg

 photo Detroit Tigers Baseball Game_zpsso8bjd1z.jpg

 photo Detroit Tigers Catchers Mound_zpsfbmct8qm.jpg

 photo Home of The Detroit Tigers_zpsazdmzjte.jpg

If you’re reading this and live in Michigan, well you better get your butt downtown for a game. Baseball only lasts so many months and we have to take advantage of it!

If you don’t, then be sure to try and snag some tickets when you visit!

Whether you’re a Tigers fan or even a baseball fan, I’ve never been around fans as friendly and welcoming as those at Comerica – so don’t worry, you’ll fit right in!

 photo C798ECD7-D5B9-45DC-A29E-7EF556C25A91_zps1xz3suyy.jpg

Just make sure you carb up. Trust me.

Besides, calories don’t count at a baseball game. Right?

6 thoughts on “Let’s Play Ball!

Add yours

  1. Every time you blog about Detroit, it reminds me of Memphis. We Memphians take our Grizzlies (NBA) and Tigers (NCAA) teams very seriously. There is a ridiculous amount of city pride in our teams which I love! 🙂 Looks like an awesome sort of day at the stadium, friend! 🙂


  2. That diner is the cutest! And I LOVE that tiger statue; so many photo ops! I’m not a sports person (except NASCAR!) but here in Ohio Cleveland is a pretty big sports town! Haha! I’ve seen the Cavs and the Indians play live, but I really didn’t care much about the games. Hehe!


    1. It’s a joke here that you haven’t actually gone to a game if you don’t Instagram a picture of the Tigers out front! I’ve been to a NASCAR race once – I was so excited (who doesn’t love fast cars) but then ended up reading after lap 10. X


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