A Trip To Holland

I had a bit of a digital detox weekend. I was traveling and barely touched my phone once!

Where did I go? Holland!

Windmill Holland

Okay, no.

Not that Holland.

Holland, Michigan.


Holland, Michgian

Holland has been on my to-go list for years now. Windmills, flowers, boutiques and good restaurants – all the makings of my dream town.

Plus, it’s very Instagrammable which us millennials just love!

Holland Downtown Area

Downtown Holland Fireplace

Downtown Holland Tulips

My very favorite shop we visited was the Peanut Store.

An old fashioned penny candy store (do you remember those from when you were a kid?) that sold any and every type of chocolate, gummies and candy you could ever want.

Holland Peanut Store

Peanut Store Jelly Beans

Peanut Store Holland Michigan

Peanut Store Penny Candy

Peanut Store Potato Chips

Peanut Store Taffy

Peanut Store Dutch Chocolate

Dutch Wooden Shoes

Peanut Store Wooden Tulip

Much like the other Holland, the city is perfect to walk around in.

There’s so much to see and do and the little details you find here and there are beautiful!

Downtown Holland Theater

Springtime Flowers

Tulips Holland

With storm clouds rolling in , we hopped in the car and headed over to Windmill Island to get a visit in before the rain started.

Windmill Island Shops

Windmill Island is a large garden-park-island (I really do have a way with words, don’t I) right by downtown Holland.

It’s covered in fields of flowers, little dutch shops and, of course, windmills.

Holland, Michgian

What do I think of windmills?

I’m a huge fan. (geddit?)

Windmill Island Shopping

Holland Michigan Flowers

Windmill Island Memorial

Windmill Island Conservatory

Conservatory Windmill Island

Windmill Island Holland

Holland Windmill

If you’re like me and you absolutely love flowers (especially tulips), then you’ll love Holland.

There are flowers every where you look – with a stormy sky as the background, it added some much needed color to a dreary day.

Can you imagine what it looks like in the sun?

Holland, Michgian

WW Windmill Island

Windmill Door


Holland, Michgian

I fell madly in love with Holland and would recommend it to anyone looking for a weekend getaway.

I’m already planning a long weekend trip back this summer with the wolf – hopefully on a weekend with better weather!

I can honestly think of no better place to spend a warm, sunny day – which, as luck would have it, is the complete opposite of the weather we had.

Cold and wet, we skipped the tour of the lighthouse and the long walk we had planned to jump in our toasty cars and head off to our next adventure.



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