The Big Old Building, Grand Rapids

I left you yesterday dreaming of wooden shoes and delft . . . everything.

When the rain became too much, we hopped in ours cars and raced through the storm to Grand Rapids for a good old-fashioned and much needed girls night out.

 photo Girls Night Out_zpseidprchb.jpg

If you aren’t from Grand Rapids, you’ve probably never heard of The BOB.

Here’s the breakdown – 4 floors, 7 venues, 1 building.

As an ex-cop’s daughter, walking around downtown in a strange city at night, after a few drinks makes me a little nervous.

The BOB takes care of all that – you can get dinner and bar hop without leaving the building! I think all cities should have a place like this!

 photo The BOB_zpsq44ncbk9.jpg

 photo BOB Grand Rapids_zpsltkutuzx.jpg

We started off our evening at Gilly’s for dinner.

My nickname in my family is Gilly, short for McGillicudy, don’t ask. I don’t even know. There’s a song too. Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll type-sing it for you.

Naturally, we had to go there.
 photo Gilly Restaurant_zpszr7jrmhe.jpg

 photo Gillys Bar_zpsvc2ehb3x.jpg

 photo LS Gillys Restaurant_zpsekzon6l6.jpg

For starters – crispy truffle brussels sprouts covered in a citrus vinaigrette and persian red walnuts.

 photo Gillys Roasted Brussel Sprouts_zpsx8zi83mi.jpg

They were unbelievable and very instagrammable.

 photo Gillys Brussel Sprouts_zpsompuq9bt.jpg

Quinoa and vegetable “fried rice” – wild mushrooms, veggies, egg and sweet chili.

Have you ever made fried rice with quinoa? Maybe I’m just way behind on this front but it is the most amazing thing I’ve eaten in a long time. I can’t wait to try it at home (anyone have a good recipe)?

 photo Gillys Fried Quinoa_zpsjk8suk1h.jpg

Mac and Cheeses (obviously)

Large rigatoni noodles covered in gooey cheese sauce, smoked cheddar and bread crumbs.

 photo Gillys Baked Mac and Cheese_zps69ml2po3.jpg

Thoroughly carbbed up, we were ready to try all the other venues.

BOB’s Brewery – complete with wooden tables, sacks of peanuts (or so I’m guessing) and loud electro music.

 photo BOB Basement Bar_zpsfro4m4ox.jpg

 photo BOBs Brewery_zpsp67xqgkw.jpg

 photo WW BOBS Brewery_zpsw1at0bhn.jpg

 photo Drinks The BOB_zpsr71trh3s.jpg

 photo Brewery BOB_zpsuj0aimrx.jpg

Bobarino’s – Grab a seat at the bar or a pizza at the restaurant. There’s game tables in the back and lots of open space if you want to dance . . . most people didn’t. I did.

 photo LS Bar_zps8fxycaai.jpg

 photo The BOB Games_zpsobplfjdq.jpg

 photo The BOB Drinks_zpsmmwih5h1.jpg

 photo WW The BOB_zpssxoawkdi.jpg

Home – my favorite of the bars. There’s live music and the little details are spectacular. It reminded me of a basement bar in Chicago.

 photo The BOB Home_zpskdtlcwhc.jpg

 photo The BOB Stage_zps4qhcj9tu.jpg

 photo D1F94A6C-E5D0-48D4-996D-6EE56F1B18CF_zpsmw2ofemi.jpg

 photo BOB Staircase_zps1hl8o4d2.jpg

Our night ended at Eve – the building’s nightclub.

It’s loud and crammed, men don’t take a hint and we waited over an hour to get in. My least favorite of the venues but if you want to dance, you’ll love it.
 photo The BOB Nightclub_zps3z3u2oej.jpg

In the early hours of the morning, we climbed in a cab and headed back to the hotel.

I loved The BOB – there were no creepy men, there was a venue for whatever your mood is and you got to walk around without leaving the building.

The absolute perfect place for a girls night.

I’m a firm believer that there’s nothing in life a good girls night out can’t fix. Don’t you?


8 thoughts on “The Big Old Building, Grand Rapids

  1. Girls nights are the best! This place looks great, so convenient that you can just stay in one building! My cousin lives in Grand Rapids so I’ll keep it in mind next time I visit!


  2. Erin Niimi Longhurst (@ErinNiimi) May 4, 2016 / 10:47 am

    Crispy truffle brussels sprouts sound AMAZING! The BOB sounds like an ideal night out. No creepy men? Yes please!

    Erin xxx


    • Caitlin - Wanderer and Wolf May 4, 2016 / 4:01 pm

      They were honestly the greatest veggie dish I’ve ever had! I’m going to try and recreate them at home – if I nail it, I’ll send you the recipe! X


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