Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids

After our night at The BOB, we were feeling a little fragile the next morning.

 photo WW Hangover_zpsyxaa4kwv.jpg

Wanting to move around and get some fresh air, we decided to go to Meijer Gardens.

 photo Meijer Gardens_zpsivqj3nsj.jpg

If you don’t know about Meijer Gardens, you’re probably not from Michigan.

Or the Midwest for that matter.

Known for their art, sculptures and gardens – if you find yourself in Michigan looking for something to do, look no further.

 photo Meijer Gardens Enterance_zpsyrm9cj2q.jpg

 photo Meijer Gardens Carnivore Room_zpsuyopd6hd.jpg

 photo Meijer Gardens Mini Cactus_zpspaoe6yuk.jpg

If you go with kids, be sure to keep an eye on them.

They’ll want to touch everything!

 photo WW Meijer Gardens_zpsmfhlyjnf.jpg

 photo Meijer Gardens Dont Touch_zpsxhrfq4ir.jpg

Well, maybe not everything . . .

 photo Meijer Gardnes Colorful Cactus_zpseyz6f9hr.jpg

 photo Meijer Gardens Wolf_zpsp2rqnekn.jpg

 photo Meijer Gardens Cactus_zpsvhk978sc.jpg

 photo Meijer Gardens Moonstones_zps6hzbethy.jpg

These three gents will even sing “In The Jungle” if you ask politely.

They harmonize and everything.

 photo Meijer Gardens Meerkat_zpsn1kezwpd.jpg

There’s even a butterfly house which very much had an Alice in Wonderland feel.

 photo Butterfly House Meijer Gardens_zpsaex7s5un.jpg

Don’t these blooms look like they’re about ready to start gossiping about you?

 photo Meijer Gardens Flower_zpsdoxucszk.jpg

 photo Meijer Gardens Butterfly House_zpsxwewufdt.jpg

 photo Tree Top Meijer Gardens_zpselythb9p.jpg

 photo Meijer Gardens LS_zpskuzyhrk6.jpg

 photo Meijer Gardens Tree Tops_zpsnrteppsz.jpg

 photo Meijer Gardens Path_zpszohgy0my.jpg

After a very thorough inspection to ensure no butterflies would be leaving with us, we headed to the outside gardens to more tulips!

 photo Meijer Gardens Tulips_zpsh47yvmjj.jpg

 photo Meijer Gardens Quotes_zpsvu2ppkdw.jpg

I don’t think I could ever get tired of seeing these everywhere!

 photo Raindrop Tulip_zpsaeif1vz2.jpg

 photo Meijer Gardens Pond_zpsgvwqtg36.jpg

We strolled along looking at the landscaping and sculptures – contemplating and discussing them like true adults.

 photo Meijer Gardens Attitude Statue_zpsumzxkeye.jpg

That is until we found the Children’s Garden which seemed infinitely more fun.

 photo Meijer Gardens Childrens Garden_zpsjpmvnrxa.jpg

 photo Meijer Gardens Wooden Stairs_zpsn4hx3nng.jpg

It felt like you stepped right through a gate and right into the jungle.

Complete with your own little house (which if we’re being honest is a mansion compared to my first apartment in Chicago. Jungle living is clearly the way to go).

 photo Meijer Gardens Tree House_zpstk4bklod.jpg

 photo Meijer Gardens Tree House LS_zpsf2qtku7j.jpg

 photo LS Tree House Meijer Gardens_zpsv3ofvvl9.jpg

You can even pop over to see your neighbors – the Swiss Family Robinson.

Doesn’t this Tree House remind you of the Swiss House at Disney World?

 photo Tree House of Birds Meijer Gardens_zpsse2mnogk.jpg

 photo Meijer Gardens Wooden Bridge_zpskwiwgih7.jpg

 photo Meijer Gardens Butterfly Tree House_zps8cvxzb4t.jpg


Even Baloo and Mowgli were there!

 photo Meijer Gardens Jungle Book_zpshkzq3s9u.jpg


 photo Meijer Gardens Wooden Pathway_zpsak95cung.jpg

 photo Meijer Gardens Woods_zpstl0erxhv.jpg

My absolute favorite part of Meijer Gardens is that it is surrounded on either sides by trees, ponds, shrubs and all sorts of wildlife.

It truly feels like you’re a million miles away from home in the best way possible.


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