The Best of Michigan

Looking through some of my most recent  blog posts, I realized that I’ve been trying to show you all these beautiful places but the weather has been so unbelievably gloomy it takes away from the beauty of it all!

Well, the other day I was asked to take some pictures for someone who grew up in Michigan but later in life moved to California. She’s looking to decorate her entrance way and wanted to fill it with photos of all her most memorable places in her hometown.

The day we went out, the sky was bright blue, the sun was out and I just had to share the photos with you!

 photo Grosse Pointe Ford House_zpsjcnrzurd.jpg

First stop was the Edsel and Eleanor Ford house – a mansion right on the lake belonging to the Ford family. It’s open to the public and unbelievably gorgeous.

 photo Edsel Ford House_zpsv4wu0ndh.jpg

 photo Ford House Grounds_zpsmbqjqbmd.jpg

 photo Lake St. Claire_zpsgtirbthu.jpg

 photo Back of Edsel Ford House_zps1irsru8b.jpg

 photo White Flower_zpsihrstodq.jpg

 photo Ford House Lamp_zpsxdm956f8.jpg

 photo Ford House Guard House_zps4rw6zot5.jpg

 photo Lakeside Bench_zpsfl65xdl6.jpg

 photo Spring Tulips_zpsbkdjajb6.jpg

 photo Michigan Path of Trees_zps8j8u18nx.jpg

Next it was over to the War Memorial. Originally a mansion home, built in 1910, by the end of the 1940’s it became a memorial to those who served in WWII and a center of education and charitable activities for the community.

 photo Back of War Memorial_zpsf7clkuvv.jpg

 photo War Memorial Grounds_zps9dxxvtxd.jpg

 photo Grosse Pointe War Memorial_zpssx9uvjdq.jpg

 photo Springtime Tree_zpsdfqjp7hd.jpg

 photo DSC00509_zpsujncajb1.jpg

Look at that terrible hair! Pretty much the epitome of the worst of lake hair!

 photo DSC00510_zpsfgmneund.jpg

Finally, as the sun reached the very top of the sky, we stopped off St. Ambrose church.

 photo Ambrose Back Rectory_zpsstzhkcmi.jpg

 photo Ambrose Rectory_zpsicdlrztt.jpg

 photo Springtime Sun_zpslqtm7kea.jpg

 photo St. Ambrose Church_zpsfuu5haqj.jpg

 photo Front of St. Ambrose_zpsam3bdhwe.jpg

See, I promise you the sun does shine here in Michigan and when it does, you’ll wonder why you’ve ever spent time anywhere else!


5 thoughts on “The Best of Michigan

  1. Maya May 12, 2016 / 2:38 pm

    I love love LOVE your photography!! These are beyond stunning! My dad lived in Michigan for awhile when he was younger. He loved everything about it besides how cold it is haha

    Xx Maya from Maya Unmarketed


  2. Louise May 12, 2016 / 3:38 pm

    Ah, these buildings and photos are beautiful! You’re definitely convincing me to visit Michigan!


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