A Room Without Books . . .


Is like a body without a soul. – Cicero

While some people love fashion because it tells you a lot about a person, I love bookshelves.

How they’re arranged, the knick knacks on it, what books they have – it all tells things about someone that you may not otherwise know.

Plus, my bookshelves are my favorite thing I own so I thought I’d give you a peak.

 photo Bookshelves_zpslrlndw1t.jpg

 photo Glass Blown Elephant_zpsqfjdrycm.jpg

I’m a bit of an organization freak – my shelves are arranged by genre then by author’s last name. Memoirs, fiction, books on Italy, mysteries, movie books, etc.

 photo Book Lovers Shelf_zps0dphmo1y.jpg

 photo Annotated Sherlock Holmes Books_zpstcydcyry.jpg

 photo Sherlock Holmes Wine Glass_zps0ml3kpph.jpg

 photo Harry Potter_zpsawy2yyym.jpg

 photo Cassanova Carnivale Mask_zpsqt9tsfrl.jpg

 photo Italy Books_zpsf32a4wtx.jpg

 photo Coffee Table Books_zpsrpvir9ce.jpg

 photo Full Bookshelves_zpsqdj2m2ly.jpg

So, tell me, are you a book magpie too?

One day (I’m determined) I will have as may bookshelves as Belle in Beauty and The Beast.

Do you have photos of your bookshelves? Post the link – I’d love to see it!


4 thoughts on “A Room Without Books . . .

  1. Louise May 17, 2016 / 2:54 pm

    I love your bookshelves- they’re so expressive! I’m a big fan of creative spines. Those Sherlock Holmes books are awesome!


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