A Day With The Girls

You know what we don’t talk about enough?

How great a good girls day at the mall is.

Honestly, can you think of a better way to spend a day than wandering around with the girls, gossiping and improving your wardrobe?

 photo Somerset Mall Michigan_zpsgzykaa0f.jpg

 photo Somerset Mall_zpsela0ka2y.jpg

 photo WW Shopping_zpsfvygxtyz.jpg

 photo Shopping_zpssxx6ipzd.jpg

Especially when the mall is this pretty.

 photo Somerset Mall Atrium_zpsmzbpytkh.jpg

 photo Somerset Fountain_zpsjtx6izov.jpg

You know the only thing that makes a shopping day better?

Getting lunch too!

 photo Capital Grill_zpsqalpmycn.jpg

Plus a big glass of wine.

Which, if we’re being honest, isn’t a big secret because wine just makes everything better!

 photo Capital Grill Wine_zpskyc93gmf.jpg

 photo Capital Grill Liberty Statue_zpsopbhse6d.jpg

 photo Capital Grill Tequilla_zpsawwg7new.jpg

Have you been to Capital Grill?

It feels like you’re in an exclusive club with lockers, deer heads and fancy oil paintings on the walls.

 photo Capital Grill Wine Lockers_zpsyqfvv1o1.jpg

 photo Capital Grill Bar_zpsptcj3rli.jpg

 photo Capital Grill Drinks_zpsndsvgf34.jpg

They also have one of the best wedge salads – I could take a bath in the ranch dressing. It’s that good!

 photo Capital Grill Wedge_zpsj1e27lbi.jpg

 photo Capital Grill Dining Room_zpsvm401jgp.jpg

I really can’t think of many things I love more than a thorough mall day with my ladies!

And if you’re wondering, I left with a massive shopping haul!



2 thoughts on “A Day With The Girls

  1. alalisainfo May 20, 2016 / 10:23 am

    I totally agree! Why don’t we ever talk about trips to the shopping mall? I know it’s one of my favorite hobbies (oh dear, I hope I’m not coming off too superficial).

    That mall you photographed is absolutely stunning!

    Lisa Favre


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