The Perfect Summer Outfit

So, I’ll be honest with you, I had no intention whatsoever of sharing these pics with you from my utterly lazy but completely satisfying Sunday.

However, I think it’s safe to say I found the absolute best summer outfit and I have to share so please ignore my hastily taken, little phone snaps.

 photo E7A86610-C3B6-4152-85D0-320FE9BD0AC7_zpsm1upzkys.jpg

If you remember from a recent post, I recently did quite a bit of damage at the Loft.

I saw these red linen pants in the window and ran in, declaring they’d be mine. Well, an hour later, I walked out with the pants and a bulging shopping bag ready to take on the summer.

If you’re interested, you can find the pants here and the top here.

Both pieces are made of the lightest material and barely touch your body making them perfect for those warm, sunny days that seem to finally be here to stay.

This past Sunday was one such day and I jumped at the opportunity to try them out.

First up, a good long walk with the pup for coffee . . .

 photo 3C41C393-996F-4D40-8137-4DF7F671CE05_zpsjnadfnyq.jpg

Quickly followed by something stronger.

 photo 06B82EC8-0353-4C7F-8E96-31BEDEB128D5_zpsemphsdn1.jpg

Tell me, what’s better than an island drink in the sun?

Absolutely nothing.

 photo F2299FB2-5679-49C7-A33C-A05A5AE5FEDA_zpsovucr6u6.jpg

 photo A7E498A2-EA34-4F95-8D27-FEB003940F13_zpsppp45qu0.jpg

So tell me, do you have any good summer fashion finds? I’ve been shopping nonstop recently so let me know if there’s something I need to check out!


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