I was going through some old posts the other day and came across my Why It’s Important To Adopt post from months ago and realized, that the blog lately has centered completely around the Wanderer and not so much around the Wolf.

I owe this to the fact that he doesn’t have thumbs so he can’t type posts himself!

I’m assuming this is why I’ve been getting this face every morning when I get up to write my posts.


Since you all loved hearing more about Lupin and his adoption story, I thought I’d write a little post for those of you who don’t know about his name.

When I went to the adoption center (PAWS in Chicago), I saw the cutest little puppy curled under a bench, away from his friends, hiding from the world.


He was timid, unsure of himself and everything around him. Plus he looked distinctly wolf-like.


But there was still this hidden strength in him, I just knew it would take a little time for it to show.

Does this remind you of anyone? Well, my first thought was Remus Lupin from Harry Potter.


One of my favorite and most underrated characters in the entire series. He’s so dynamic, interesting and shapes the lives of those around him just by being a good man.

Plus perfectly named – if you don’t know, Lupin is a werewolf and the name Lupin comes from lupine (latin for wolf).


I’m happy to say, Lupin isn’t half as timid or scared now.



He has such a strong personality and I’m happy to report, is living up to his namesake. Those are big shoes . . . Um . . . pawprints to fill after all.  Tell me, are there any good back stories for your pets’ names?



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