Memorial Day

Did everyone have a good long weekend?

I believe 100% that there are few things as fantastic and as satisfying in life as a long, summer weekend! Plus, how lucky are we that this year Memorial Day was absolutely beautiful!

 photo DSC01043_zps1ugzehdn.jpg

I spent most of the day running errands and out in the yard with Lupin but at night we had a good, old fashioned barbecue. The first of what I hope to be many this summer.

Some of us were very excited about it all.

 photo DSC01026_zps3nxkuslk.jpg

 photo DSC01032_zpskk73tkwh.jpg

It was nothing fancy – just a few of us sat around with cocktails, chatting away. No makeup, no shoes, no worries.

 photo DSC01054_zpsykmuhbjl.jpg

 photo DSC01049_zpsvetlavc1.jpg

 photo DSC01056_zpsnrqt21sn.jpg

 photo DSC01038_zpsxpxcjexe.jpg

 photo DSC01059_zpsqo6k1n1h.jpg

 photo DSC01066_zpsi2au8dfn.jpg

 photo DSC01061_zpssaq5cdid.jpg

What did you do for your day off?

Did you go boating? Barbecue? Spend the day bumming around the house refusing to put on pants (don’t even try to deny it. We’ve all been there)?



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