Easy Summer Night Makeup

It looks like the sun and warm weather are here to stay in Michigan! Well, so we hope. If you’ve ever been here, you’ll know I can say that and it most likely will then snow tomorrow!

We went from gorgeous spring weather to full blown summer heat practically overnight. I have been so embarrassed by my Casper the ghost legs, and have been thriving on all this sunshine. I am definetely a heliophile and proud of it!

The one thing I hate about spending an entire day in the sun though, is putting on makeup that night. Is it just something weird about me or do you feel that way too?

After being in the sun all day, the last thing I want to do is cover my skin which is slightly problematic when you have summer night plans.

Well, after much trial and error I have discovered the perfect summer night makeup routine that’s fresh and light and doesn’t make your skin feel like it’s dry and suffocating.

First, a good face washing to get rid of all the sunscreen and all the dirt that’s accumulated throught the day.

When I put makeup on, I always start with my eyes then move out. Do you do that too or do you start with your face?

For eyes, I can’t recommend MAC’s paint pots enough.

They go on so nicely and feel creamy and natural rather than chalky so you don’t even feel like you’re wearing any makeup at all!

 photo MAC Paint Pot_zpswvplcskk.jpg

Frozen Violet is such a great, subtle color. Just enough to make your eyes pop but not be too much.

Plus, purple is one of the best colors for all us brown eyed ladies!

 photo MAC Eyeshadow_zpsdzmvo1gj.jpg

Next, just a thin coating of mascara.

Waterproof is always a good option in the summer, especially if you sweat a lot (like me).

I love Maybelline mascara – it goes on perfectly, with no clumps and, best of all, it’s super cheap!

What I’m using here is just Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof – Very Black.

 photo Mascara Application_zpsdqraspij.jpg

Finally, I take a powderpuff and lightly cover my nose and chin (basically if anywhere is red or shiny) and just leave the rest untouched.

If you’ve been out in the sun all day, your face will have a great, natural glow and it would be a shame to cover that up!

I’ve used MAC Studio Fix powder since I started wearing makeup and I absolutely love it. If you have sensitive skin and have a hard time with face makeup, you’ll love this.

 photo DSC00935_zpsoiaqpziw.jpg

The final look:

 photo Girls Night Makeup_zpsguurmwxa.jpg

For hair, I just threw it right back up into a bun.

The one thing I find hard with pulling my hair up is it always looks either too sloppy or too tight.

Recently, I’ve started pulling my hair back tightly then pulling on the top pieces to give it a little va-va-voomph while keeping the rest in place.

 photo Summer Hairstyle_zps8fane3at.jpg

For the outfit, I’m such a fan of fun cotton dresses.

They’re light, flowy and twirly (do you still twirl in your dresses too?) and are perfect for dressing up or down.

You can find a similar one here or here.

 photo Loft Open Back Dress_zpsoxewqueo.jpg

Plus my new very favorite accessory!

My elephant bangle from Talbots!

 photo Elephant Bangle_zpsqcoa6bjy.jpg

 photo Talbots Elephant Bangle_zpsmefxjiye.jpg

Throw your phone and cards in a colorful clutch (similar)  and you’re ready to go!

 photo 9F616090-5389-4EDF-9A53-2EDA33099FF7_zpsg0n5aql9.jpg

Does anyone have any good summer beauty tricks and tips for me? Or good products I can’t live without?


One thought on “Easy Summer Night Makeup

  1. Rach @ This Italian Family June 2, 2016 / 1:12 am

    I know what you mean about not wanting to put on make up after a day out in the sun. I honestly just don’t bother most of the time. But when I do, I usually go with just a quick BB cream to cover up any redness. I’m curious about your Mac Studio Fix, though. I like the idea of a powder. It seems like that would be lighter than the lotion-y feel of a BB cream. Love your whole look!


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