The Mighty Mac, Mackinaw City

Happy Monday! That was way too enthusiastic of a start to a Monday blog post but I can’t help it. I’m so excited to finally be able to share my travel photos with you.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (which you should), then you’ll know last weekend I was out traveling all through upper Michigan.

Even though I’m originally from the Mitten, I’ve never been to the top of the state, let alone the UP. So one night back in the winter, I sat bundled up at my computer, pup on my feet and decided to plan a northern vacation for the spring and then last week, it was finally time!

 photo CD21C1FE-A4A5-4C0F-A5B7-609BCAAB4FC4_zpspiu5zgii.jpg

From Detroit to the top of the state, it’s about a 5 hour ride.

Not terribly bad if you have good music and better company. The highway is lined with tall pines that make you sing over and over  . . . and over some T-Swift the entire time.

Thankfully for us we had a gorgeous day which makes long drives all the better.

When we finally arrived, we dropped our bags off at the hotel and raced over to the beach for my first view of The Mighty Mac.

 photo 242E4401-499A-4015-9006-50C4C04EF6BE_zpsjlpqcnjt.jpg

 photo Mackinaw Shoreline_zps1utvko9l.jpg

 photo Lupin Lake_zpsrfq1tdtj.jpg

The Mighty Mac or Mackinac Bridge, is the largest suspension bridge in America. Stretching 5 miles long, it crosses over the Straits of Mackinac (which connect Lake Huron and Lake Michigan) and connects Michigan’s Lower Peninsula to the Upper Peninsula.

 photo Mac Bridge_zpszragund6.jpg

 photo Michigan Shoreline_zpso8qhsv5z.jpg

We sat on the beach, soaking up the sun as the waves lapped against the shore.

It was utter bliss and I would have been more than happy to stay there all day but I had a town a few blocks away that just had to be explored.

 photo Michigan Lake_zpslsdchhxb.jpg

Mackinaw City is located right on the edge of the Lower Peninsula and is the first place to visit if you plan on heading over to the island.

The town itself feels like a combination of Frankenmuth and your typical Michigan beach town. There are families, friends, couples and everything in between strolling around, popping into touristy shops, big waffle cone in hand.

 photo Downtown Mackinaw City_zpsovrcysie.jpg

 photo Mackinaw Coffee Shop_zpskjboduoq.jpg

 photo 5765C5A5-7DA0-4584-B4E3-2BF1F7D29FC6_zpsrxoynqcb.jpg

Did I mention my number 1 travel buddy came with us too?

My Mom is not only my very best friend but the person who taught me to love traveling. The best part about traveling together is on every single matter, we’re on the same wavelength.

I didn’t realize how important this was until I traveled with a friend in college who didn’t want to spend money, walk around, eat at authentic restaurants or live in the moment. I’m a firm believer that who you travel with is more important than where you go and, for me, there’s no one better to go anywhere with than her.

 photo Mamma WW_zps7vglkkuu.jpg

 photo Marshalls Fudge_zpsjto6kx3g.jpg

 photo Downtown Mackinac_zpsi1gr8qld.jpg

If you ever plan to visit Mackinaw, it’s the perfect first day spot. When you’ve sat in the car all morning and have a few hours to kill before dinner.

 photo Mackinaw City Inn_zpstbzqvwix.jpg

The only frustrating thing about Mackinaw was the complete lack of outdoor dining patios.

You would think a city with as spectacular of a backyard as MC would take advantage of it but there really was only 2 places that had them.

We went for Nonna Lisa’s. A restaurant, winery and brewery all in one.

I was in love.

 photo Mackinac Island Winery_zpswa2uk06p.jpg

 photo Nonna Lisas Mackinaw_zpsnhy8acrz.jpg

 photo Mackinac Island Brewery_zpse8dnczhw.jpg

 photo Nonna Lisas_zpsdfetzjtj.jpg

The patio wasn’t open for customers yet but the staff told us they’d bring us takeout and let us sit out there with a glass of wine and the Wolf.

 photo Nonna Lisa Patio_zpsxou52r9y.jpg

 photo Patio Nonna Lisa_zpsodpzzoqe.jpg

Surrounded by trees, a pond and hidden but not quiet, wildlife. It was the perfect spot to enjoy a chilled glass of wine with the Wolf by our side.

 photo Mackinac Island Brewery Wine_zpsimbbnou8.jpg

 photo WW Nonna Lisa_zpsy6nujeln.jpg

 photo Wolf Nonna Lisa Patio_zpsi3rpncok.jpg

Plus they have great wood oven pizza. I mean, just look at that!

 photo Nonna Lisa Woodfire Pizza_zpssctwtlmh.jpg

The perfect end to the perfect first day.

 photo 94FA2500-A8C2-45D5-A540-A4EDF469FF6A_zpsch6ikwqr.jpg

Isn’t it funny how you plan and look forward to something for what seems like ages and then all of a sudden it’s here and then it’s over.

The thing is, I can’t even be sad it’s over because I had the best experiences.

Plus I get to relive it all over again with you this week!

P.S. be sure to check out tomorrow’s post – it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been

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