Hidden Gem of Mackinaw

Before we head over the straights to the island (you should be pretty excited) I wanted to share my absolute favorite place in Mackinaw City.

Right on the edge of town, you’ll find a little coffee shop.

 photo Mackinaw City Bakery_zpsyiyezlid.jpg

It may look like your typical northern beachfront coffee shop . . . because that’s exactly what it is and I promise it’s the best shop in Mackinaw.

Run by multiple generations of women who sell everything from teas to cappuccinos and homemade pastries.

 photo Mackinaw City Coffee Shop_zps47xwb4n0.jpg

To your left, you’ll find any type of tea you could ever want.

Between the herbals and the flowers, the smells are out of this world. You’ll never want to leave.

It definetely puts your incense candles to shame.

 photo Mackinaw City Tea Shop_zps3ncovjvm.jpg

 photo Mackinaw City Bakery Inside_zps2hwh4rmv.jpg

To the right, you’ll get the good stuff.

Carbs and coffee.

 photo Mackinaw Bakery_zpsymyu8ygi.jpg

And not just any carbs.

Sweet, sugary, delectable, finger-licking homemade sweets that will have you staring at the counter creating a line as you try to pick just one!

 photo Mackinaw City Baked Goods_zpsx5hmnazo.jpg

There’s everything from big, fluffy bagels to crunchy cookies to donuts that leave you with a sugar mustache.

 photo Mackinaw Bakery Pinwheel_zpssvtj1jrr.jpg

I had to take one of these home to my donut loving grandpa.

If you’re wondering how this travels – I can attest to the fact that pastries will still in perfect condition by the time you get home. . . at least I’m assuming considering he inhaled his donut before I could even get it out of my hands!

 photo Mackinaw City Donuts_zpsu08ret4o.jpg

My favorite though?

Oh, let me tell you.

Actually no. Just look at this. It’s a work of art I swear.

 photo Mackinaw City Cinnamon Rolls_zpshtexfokr.jpg

Sweet, sugar glaze, puffy pastery and spicy cinnamon. Every bite was better than the last and, despite my desire to try everything they had to offer at the bakery, I kept coming back to this work of art.

There’s something so amazingly indescribably about having a true bakery pastry with your morning coffee.

When you plan your trip to Mackinac you absolutely have to add this bakery to your bucket list. I promise, it will be one of the best decisions you make all trip!

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