Office Tour

When it comes to having my own space, I’m a bit OCD. I can’t rest until everything is in it’s proper place and I’ve created an environment that’s entirely my own.

Every apartment I’ve been in, I’ve spent the first week of living there running on a minimum amount of sleep because I become obsessed with cleaning, organizing and decorating.

When it comes to office space, I’m even worse. At my last job, the VP of our department put forth this big cork board initiative, where he asked everyone to pin up what inspires them, pushes them to do better or reminds them what they’re working for on hard days.

I loved that idea and ever since have strived to create that in work environment.

I think an office should be a place you’re comfortable but inspired.

When I started at my current job, I didn’t take decorating lightly. I was on a whole new career path and needed every ounce of inspiration I could get. Finally . . . FINALLY, I’m done and thought I’d share.

 photo 182B5363-778A-4265-B81B-3B385583E67D_zps1ffhlllo.jpg

 photo 5A7492DF-F80F-46D7-B1E8-DC9C6818450C_zps1p6iyn0x.jpg

 photo 7F2E5CC3-E2A5-4D9D-A4AD-58C9FCFC806C_zpspncdugru.jpg

What’s more inspiring than that face! Just look at it!

 photo 71D1DD20-5C8B-43F1-A200-E0C5D2F1324A_zpsbw71k85x.jpg

Years ago, a roommate of mine bought a candle warmer and I haven’t gone anywhere without one since! You don’t have to worry about forgetting to put out a flame but still get the benefits of a soothing candle!

 photo BFC72388-4DB4-4908-8BE0-9E3D10C9FE5D_zpsqzes8nqf.jpg

I’m also a big believer in decorative office supplies. It’s the same idea as getting bright colored running shoes. You want to put them on and then once they’re on, you have no excuse not to run.

The brighter and prettier your folders and notebooks, the more likely you are to be organized. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

 photo 0222F7A7-56E9-4B1A-9991-FA9B92900F5B_zpshroxldxs.jpg

If your office doesn’t have an elephant than I don’t think we can be friends.

They symbolize wisdom, strength and good luck – all things essential for a good work day.

 photo 8E1BD4E1-A3DD-48A8-84B6-CA71150F25E9_zpswyk9spes.jpg

Then finally, my necessities. Photos, coffee, tea, clorox wipes.

Oh. And a Finding Nemo kleenex box because, honestly, who wouldn’t want that?

 photo 88A5AAA0-218A-4876-A4D2-2D095ED5FCC6_zpskjgsknpv.jpg

 photo D18CEEF8-DE6C-4822-83C9-09103D193D4B_zpsui4d3cqm.jpg

Another pro-tip, get good coffee mugs.

They make all the difference.

 photo 5ADFD916-7803-42BC-8F83-D31D82A367BA_zpssfee0iuz.jpg

How does your office look? Any pictures to share or decorating tips you think I need?


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