The Best Shirt Ever

I’m here today to talk to you about something very serious: my new favorite sweater.

 photo C70013EE-22F0-42C9-B0C1-8EF0285BC679_zpsounudd8w.jpg

I have a mild likely for elephants.

I’m also very low-key about this ‘mild liking’ too. Do I squeal and jump up and down when I see baby elephant videos on Youtube (like this or this)? Nope. Do I have to buy everything I see with an elephant on it? Absolutely not. Do I have an elephant statue on my desk so I can stare at it all day? Don’t be ridiculous.

Paying no attention to what I was wearing, I posted a photo on my Instagram about a week ago of the Wolf and I and everyone told me how much they loved my elephant shirt!

 photo 1CEEFB0F-3F29-42D6-A5AB-4040426D3F63_zps2xkmelik.jpg

So, going on the belief that you all are amazing people who adore (*ahem* I mean mildly like) elephants too, I just had to share this amazing sweater with you!

 photo 7F4C92C7-CF99-4EB1-9107-6E33DF6CB86A_zpsavi0yrsc.jpg

Not only is it lucky (trunks up, people) but it’s the softest and by far the most comfortable sweater I’ve ever owned.

It’s fitted but not tight. Can be dressed up or down. Perfect for the weekend or a day at the office. Honestly, it’s one of the best (and one of my most complimented) pieces I own.

 photo 515AED82-AA86-4DCA-8A95-F82F0BECABC5_zpsft8yznzc.jpg

Today, I have it on with white linen pants (similar) and (wedges). Perfectly summery, comfortable and professional.

 photo 3A2B5AAF-118A-4E3A-ADEA-B92E327C67D3_zpsn0gd4gwq.jpg

 photo 026C6ECB-D689-4B28-B435-A35A09CFAB5C_zps6nyr4ktl.jpg

You can find it here (plus it’s on sale! You have no excuse not to get it now).

I’m warning you now, after you buy this, all your other shirts will become irrelephant.


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