A New Look

First things first. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll already know this but . . . I cut my hair!

I went in and said, “I’m sick of this, I’m hot and I don’t want to worry about it.”

She cut it initially at my shoulders. I told her I wanted it shorter. She cut half an inch off. I told her to do what she thought would look best and she did not disappoint.

 photo 5FC608B1-ECE1-4D33-B5CE-9DC16C7ECB72_zps6joanhqu.jpg

What do you think?

 photo C5694999-4117-4671-827B-FE832103E327_zpsiezs7xn6.jpg

To be totally honest with you, I always feel my most sassy and confident with short hair.

You know what else makes me feel confident? A good outfit.

I found this dress a few months back at Ann Taylor (you can find it here) and fell in love.  Typically, I’m a black dress girl but the lilac color was too beautiful to pass up.

Extremely faltering and light weight, it’s the perfect summer dress.

 photo 9BC909ED-E2E0-44C0-ADAC-4E40F0320AC0_zpsr9oejklx.jpg

 photo 0F0A6290-78AD-46F2-A81D-E8118F035ECC_zpslv1stveu.jpg

And no outfit is complete without killer shoes.

I had been eyeing these beauties from Aldo (here) for months and finally purchased them at the start of June and have to remind myself every morning that I have other shoes that need love too.

Beyond comfortable, you can wear them with pants or dresses and are light and open which is perfect for these humid summer days.

 photo 4883E713-E318-445F-88F7-5D207B83CCCA_zpsywpstq7v.jpg

And no outfit would be complete without obnoxiously matching your nails.

 photo C2D4207F-82FF-4717-9407-0AD9ED482DE6_zpshgzdz1v0.jpg

Do you have a go-to dress or shoes for summer too? If so, send me the link! It’s payday and I could do with a little online shopping therapy!


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