Indulgent Nights, Philadelphia

My second day in Philadelphia was spent locked up in a conference room looking at statistics and charts during which various field experts lectured in a way that would have put Charlie Brown’s teacher to shame.

The following day was much of the same with the exception that we got out early which suited me just fine. I was in desperate need for a good drink in the sunshine.

As soon as the applause ended for the last lecture of the day, I was out in a flash and found myself at Spruce Street Harbor Park. I fell in love. Instantly.

 photo SSHP_zpsdywhkbij.jpg

A harbor park right on the Delaware. There are games (including a life-size chess set, who doesn’t like that?), food trucks, places to relax and, my favorite, twinkle lights everywhere.

 photo Spruce Street Harbor Park_zpsnkh3plme.jpg

 photo Spruce Street Harbor Food Trucks_zps57hwdzpb.jpg

 photo Spruce street Harbor Park Hammocks_zpspjrwpgou.jpg

 photo Spruce Street Harbor 6_zpstv87fddw.jpg

The entire harbor is full of bright colors – the perfect contrast from a dull dreary office. I really can’t imagine a better place to come after a long work week.

 photo Spruce Street Harbor Foodtrucks 2_zpsq8b1mpas.jpg

 photo DSC02158_zpsawejsexp.jpg

 photo Spruce Street Harbor_zpsp681sk0u.jpg

 photo Spruce Street Harbor 4_zpsqsmjtrbg.jpg

 photo Spruce Street Harbor 2_zps2ty66kwc.jpg

You can unwind in lawn chairs, tables, hammocks or a net suspended over the river. Take your pick – there’s no wrong choice here. Just make sure you have your sunnies on and a good drink in your hand.

 photo Spruce Street Harbor 7_zpsgttbamjw.jpg

 photo Spruce Street Harbor Park Hammocks 2_zpswjrkqqpc.jpg

 photo Spruce Street Harbor 5_zpsgf9qiyf2.jpg

 photo Spruce Street Harbor Nets_zpsuzax8nfo.jpg

 photo Wanderer Spruce Street Harbor_zpsqmybvs4y.jpg

You can even pop over for a little culture to tour the Olympia.

 photo Philadelphia Seaport Museum_zpsoo9mdmml.jpg

As the sky grows darker, the lights come on and the park positively buzzes with energy. Spruce Street Harbor was by far one of my favorite places I visited in Philadelphia.

However, as night started rolling in, there was one more stop I wanted to make.

Franklin Fountain.

If you’ve never heard of it, you can leave now. Okay, don’t go – I’ll tell you about it but you have to promise you’ll make the trip to Philly just for the stop here. It’s one of the places to go (according to all my frantic foodie googling before leaving).

When you approach, the line will most likely be right out to the door if not spilling out on the street but don’t let that deter you. It will be worth it. Trust me.

 photo Franklin Fountain_zpsu5nb7ue8.jpg

Fully designed to be a classic ice cream parlor, no detail is left out. From the old fashioned cash register (no credit cards accepted here) to the staff wearing hats and bowties, you can take it all in as you anxiously wait in line, listening to jazz playing in the background.

 photo Franklin Fountain 2_zpstv9efzmf.jpg

 photo Franklin Fountain Philadelphia_zpsoht4yf7j.jpg

My advice: ignore the calories, at least for the night. Get the biggest milkshake, sundae, cone, soda, whatever you fancy. The ice cream is homemade and oh-so worth it.

 photo 228AFD8C-644B-4873-9244-935D0B3B3BD5_zpsyth4rq37.jpg

Stroll down the streets of Philadelphia as the sky darkens and the lights come on and enjoy one of the best treats you’ll ever have.

Trust me, it’s worth the visit alone.

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