The Thomas Bond House, Philadelphia

I’m very fortunate to be able to say I’ve been traveling all my life. From Europe, to the islands, to the state next door. I’ve swam in oceans, climbed mountains, experienced new cultures and eaten good food but during these trips I have never stayed at a B & B.

When planning my trip to Philadelphia, someone close to me recommended a little B & B that he had stayed at years ago. I figured now was as good a time as any to give one a try!

So, without further ado, let me introduce the Thomas Bond House Bed and Breakfast:

 photo F449FF38-07C3-4C7D-9821-154C49CF05FF_zpsropirldw.jpg

The Thomas Bond House is more than your average B & B. It’s a restored house from 1796 that’s on the National Register of Historic Places.

Each room is restored to look the way it did in the 18th century. Walking through the front doors truly makes you feel as if you’ve stepped back into colonial times.

Come on, let me take you on a tour:

The Dining Room:


 photo Thomas Bond House 8_zps1i54bnl3.jpg

Guests get a continental breakfast during the week and a full, home cooked breakfast on the weekends.

The Inn Keeper also makes fresh cookies every night that she leaves out in the kitchen for anyone with a late night sweet tooth.

 photo Thomas Bond House 9_zpsba6resfl.jpg

One of the things that set me off about B & Bs originally was the idea of communal meals. Don’t get me wrong, I love be dinners with friends and family but I don’t enjoy eating with strangers. Is that just me?

At Thomas Bond, you can eat at a long dining table or at your own private table.

 photo Thomas Bond House 4_zpsd2lnovcs.jpg

The Parlor:

 photo Thomas Bond House 11_zpshdlyfcti.jpg

You can sit back and enjoy the paper and a cup of coffee in the morning, lounge around with your book during siesta or enjoy a complimentary glass of wine during happy hour.

It’s incredibly welcoming and comfortable –  full of squashy couches and arm chairs, maps, old leather books and is complete with a wooden chess set.

 photo Thomas Bond House 5_zpscmmpq9x8.jpg

 photo Thomas Bond House 6_zpsoyhgluzb.jpg

 photo Thomas Bond House 7_zpsdomohjvf.jpg

 photo Thomas Bond House_zpsbf3kto4e.jpg

In true Philadelphia style, the stairs are steep and winding. There’s no elevator so be sure to pack light when you visit!

 photo Thomas Bond House Stairs_zpsus89iqgh.jpg

Each room is unique and named after a famous man or woman of the time. You can actually view all the rooms online and request a specific room when making your reservation (here).

 photo Thomas Bond House John Adams Room_zpsbhcj8rwb.jpg

I’ll be honest, one thing that had me worried about staying at a B & B was cleanliness but I need have not worried, the room was immaculate!

The bed was big and fluffy with nice crisp sheets.

Each room has it’s own air conditioning and a great view (mine was of the site of William Penn’s home and City Tavern). There was a small closet, large wardrobe (with a TV) and a desk.

Everything you could ever need and want in a room. It was cozy, comfy and, most importantly to us millennials, had great wifi.

 photo John Adams Room 2_zpskugagudm.jpg

 photo John Adams Room 4_zpsmnf88qud.jpg

 photo Unpacking_zpswlrh6prb.jpg

 photo John Adams Room 3_zpslneir39i.jpg

After you check in, you can wander down cobble stone streets to the sites or head across the street to City tavern for a porter!

 photo Philadelphia Cobble Streets_zpsxwobnjot.jpg

 photo City Tavern Philadelphia_zpshowgo0bd.jpg

After a good nights sleep, you’ll spring out of bed anxious to get down to the kitchen for breakfast.

 photo Thomas Bond House 10_zpsuycwk0fx.jpg

You’ll step into the kitchen to choruses of “good mornings” and the best sentence anyone can ever ask you, “can I bring you a full plate?”. Don’t ask questions. Just say “YES”!

 photo Thomas Bond House 3_zps4r3jqy5l.jpg

What was on the menu during my stay? I’m glad you asked.

Homemade french toast that was perfectly soft and fluffy on the outside with a crunchy cinnamon top, brown sugar ham (which made me consider giving up being a vegetarian – okay, not really but everyone around me was rolling their eyes in delight over it) and a jumbo fruit cup piled high with melon, berries, peaches, apples and pineapple.

 photo Thomas Bond House Breakfast_zpsvaho2oys.jpg


 photo Thomas Bond House Breakfast 3_zpscg2xlogm.jpg

 photo Thomas Bond House Breakfast 2_zpsmbukpks5.jpg

I have to tell you, staying at the Thomas Bond House was the highlight of my trip.

The staff is beyond friendly, the house is spotless and beautiful, the food is incredible and no detail is missed.

It’s truly an unforgettable experience and I can’t recommend it enough! If you go to Philadelphia, you won’t find a better spot to stay!

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