Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia

I have one more museum to show you but I figured you might need a little culture break. And a snack.

When asking around for the best places to visit in Philadelphia, one name continued to pop up: Reading Terminal Market.

An indoor farmers market that sells everything from housewares to homemade baked goods and cut from the block cheeses.

People come from across the city to shop for produce, groceries and to brunch in style.

 photo Reading Terminal Market 2_zpsd6lnxdde.jpg

Throughout the market you’ll find locally grown produce, fresh meat and seafood, homemade baked goods, flowers and everything you would need to whip all your groceries up into delicious meals.

There’s also a large smattering of restaurants. No matter what your tastes or dietary restrictions, you’re sure to find something here for you.

 photo Reading Terminal Market 12th Street Cantina_zps5jq4exbf.jpg

 photo Reading Terminal Market Cantinia_zpsnkc0faal.jpg

 photo Reading Terminal Market Flowers_zps6uz2ayco.jpg

 photo Reading Terminal Market Dinics_zpsjmwepa5b.jpg

 photo Reading Terminal Market Chocolate Pretzels_zpshfnsfrk1.jpg

The market is an experience in-and-of-itself – especially in the morning.

You’ll roll in, still rubbing sleep out of your eyes and every sense will be hit like a tidal wave.

Neon signs every where you look and the sound of sizzling bacon, the whirl of blenders whipping up organic smoothies and load chatter as people discuss what they did (and what they wish they hadn’t done) over the weekend. You’ll smell coffee percolating, fresh cut flowers and straight from the oven breads.

A very Wonderland type place where you’ll walk in and the next thing you know, you’ll be checking your watch and half the day has gone by!

 photo Reading Terminal Market Old City Coffee_zps2hqlznyw.jpg

 photo Reading Terminal Market Produce 2_zpscyvjhtzs.jpg

 photo Reading Terminal Market Produce_zpsbyfzrmbr.jpg

 photo Reading Terminal Market Muller Chocolate_zps84wu8amu.jpg

 photo Reading Terminal Market Truffles_zpsas3zsjtd.jpg

 photo Reading Terminal Market Fermini_zps7yasbg5z.jpg

 photo Reading Terminal Market Pig Ear_zpsmslbvwiv.jpg

 photo Reading Terminal Market_zps1uz0lkne.jpg

 photo Reading Terminal Market French Bread_zpssdzdw7oo.jpg

 photo Reading Terminal Market Herbiary_zpszh3thd6p.jpg

 photo Reading Terminal Market Pig_zpsqnaanlqb.jpg

I loved Reading so much, I visited it twice in one day! It really does not disappoint!

Now, I do have a serious question for those who have been there before: is it pronounced Reading like, “I’m going to read a book” or Reading as in “I’m ready”.

I’ve heard both and it’s been bothering me like a word on the tip of your tongue ever since.

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