Lupin’s 2nd Birthday

I do have one last Philadelphia post for you (probably my favorite and will definitely make you hum Gonna Fly Now under your breath for the rest of the day) but when updating the layout for my blog (what do you think?) I realized I have barely any recent posts of the Wolf.

There’s absolutely no reason for this other than he hasn’t been able to travel with me recently and posts from the summer were ones I whipped up together impulsively at the start of the workday or before bed.

If you’re new here (which I know quite a few of you are), Lupin is my little wolf. The Wolf to be exact. The other half of Wanderer and Wolf.

 photo Lupin LIttle Wolf 2_zps1n7yvflu.jpg

I rescued him back when I was living in Chicago and, for the most part, we’re pretty inseparable. You can read more about him here and here.

 photo Lupin LIttle Wolf_zpsinhsjkxe.jpg

 photo Lupin LIttle Wolf 4_zpstxojtkcq.jpg

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll also know he just had his second birthday this weekend!

Naturally, he was spoiled all day with treats and cuddles (he really does live a tough life) and had a mini party fully of birthday cookies.

 photo DSC02623_zpssrvl4p9l.jpg

Of course, we all had to have some pie too. Friends don’t let friends eat treats on their birthday alone.

Any excuse, am I right?

Some may say I’m a little crazy to have a birthday celebration for my dog. To them I say: did you get to eat pie this weekend?

 photo Lupin Little Wolf Birthday Pie_zps2kvdjkeu.jpg

 photo Lupin Little Wolf Birthday_zpswixygcwr.jpg

 photo Lupin Little Wolf Birthday Treat_zpsqdc2p2r0.jpg

This is really just a little post to let you know he’s doing well, feisty as ever and if we’re being completely honest, it’s just an excuse to post pictures of him.

Who doesn’t love looking at puppy pictures?

 photo Lupin Little Wolf 8_zpsg7mssvup.jpg



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