Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia

As promised, I have one more Philadelphia museum to tell you about – the one I heard the most about before going and, arguably, one of the most visited attractions in the city.

Not for what you think though.

As you approach the museum, it slowly comes into view, completely dwarfed by a massive staircase.

 photo Philadelphia Museum of Art Exterior_zpsv224hair.jpg

Look familiar?

 photo Philadelphia Museum of Art_zpsjt4pc2se.jpg

How about now?

 photo Rocky Statue_zpstvzxrez3.jpg

Didn’t I warn you yesterday that you’d be humming Gonna Fly Now all day?

The stairs are jam-packed full of people taking photos of themselves, (attempting) to sprint up and lounging around but few actually made it past the top step to what’s beyond it.

Let me tell you: that’s a huge mistake.

 photo Philadelphia Museum of Art 2_zpssrmjj0f8.jpg

Beyond one of the most iconic sites in pop culture, you’ll find the Philadelphia Museum of Art – one of the very best museums I have ever gone to and that’s not something I say lightly.

I loved it so much I actually contemplated not posting photos, so as not to spoil it and just writing a critic post that this museum is incredible and should be on your bucket list.

However, I couldn’t give up the chance to relive it so I’ll give you a quick peak.

Follow me:

 photo Philadelphia Museum of Art Main Staircase_zpslgilridr.jpg

The building itself is a work of art.

Massive and incredibly detailed, you can’t just rush from room to room, looking for artist names you know. You have to take in the whole experience – a work of art, housing works of art.

I know, very Inceptiony but in the best way. Believe me.

 photo Philadelphia Museum of Art Center_zpsxtfielef.jpg

Of course, the museum does have the big names.


 photo The Japanese Footbridge and the Water Lily Bool Monet_zpsmz1ogyxr.jpg

Degas photo The Ballet Class Degas_zpsksvgpn90.jpg

My very favorite: Van Gogh
 photo Van Gough_zpsf1iyl4e6.jpg

 photo Liverpool from Wapping Grimshaw_zps9jxoxia4.jpg

It’s packed with jewels to turn you a shade of green that would make Elphaba jealous.
 photo Philadelphia Museum of Art Jewels_zpsrb3huzmb.jpg

Then show you incredible rooms that you can’t help but picture yourself hosting a party in, wearing said jewels.

 photo Philadelphia Museum of Art Ornate Room_zpswe90wn1t.jpg

 photo Philadelphia Museum of Art Ornate Room 2_zpszxrk9xkj.jpg

You can almost see the the distant landscapes surrounding you just outside your palace windows (what, don’t tell me you wouldn’t think the same thing).

 photo Villa at Caprarola Vernet_zps57p8vtvv.jpg

 photo Pichincha Church_zpskfq9i0es.jpg

There’s pottery from around the world.

Not my favorite – I’m always disappointed when there are no singing muses on old jugs and pots.
 photo Philadelphia Museum of Art Pottery_zpsknwcymqd.jpg


How gorgeous is this “Fall of Icarus”?

 photo The Fall of Icarus Ferrat_zpsivaumrva.jpg

And this portrait of a Roman who look mysteriously like Gerard Butler. photo Portrait of an Ancient Roman_zpstuienmik.jpg

 photo Philadelphia Museum of Art Gallery_zpszotahwri.jpg

Modern art for those creatively inclined. photo Philadelphia Museum of Art Modern Gallery_zpslnhgb7t4.jpg

 photo Philadelphia Museum of Art Modern_zpszzgeniah.jpg

Even an entire ancient courtyard, complete with a trickling fountain.

 photo Philadelphia Museum of Art Courtyard_zpsmpvhzfmf.jpg

Did I mention that elevators?

They’re very Tardis looking. I’ll let you know now though, it’s not the Tardis. I checked.

 photo Philadelphia Museum of Art Elevator_zps8ncjoi3v.jpg

You could spend an entire day in the museum and not see everything.

You’ll emerge into the bright sunlight with the biggest, goofiest smile on your face but how can you help it when you’ve spent a day with the greats?

 photo Philadelphia Museum of Art Me_zpsdhiquhmr.jpg

If you go to Philadelphia, you have to stop by! You can find the museum at 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Promise me though that you’ll move beyond just the steps!

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