Christmas in September, Bronner’s

I just have a mini-post today. I’m out on the road, traveling for work (no place fun to share, unfortunately) so I thought I’d pop up just a few pictures from a quick day trip I did a few weekends ago.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I took a trip up to Frankenmuth recently.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that in Frankenmuth (a small, Bavarian-style town in Michigan) there is a store called Bronner’s and it is my own Heaven on Earth.

What’s Bronner’s you newbies may be asking. A Christmas store. No. Not just a Christmas store. It’s THE Christmas store.

 photo Bronners Christmas Wonderland_zpsepsqdngv.jpg

When it comes to Christmas, I could put Buddy the Elf to shame. I could be the Cheermeister of Whoville. I could melt the coldness from the Winter Warlock’s heart.

A store that celebrates that while covered in twinkle lights, ornaments of every shape and size and blasts Christmas music. It’s how I imagine sports fans feel come the Super Bowl.

 photo Bronners Mini-Village_zps5ygzguoj.jpg

 photo Bronners Santas_zpsme6yi5pz.jpg

 photo Bronners Rudolph Figurines_zpsfckeaeuy.jpg

 photo Bronners Ornaments_zpss0hllg82.jpg

Every year I visit, I buy a big bag full of ornaments to the point where, in a few years, you will see no green on my Christmas tree. Just sparkles, bright colors and bells.

 photo Bronners Bag_zpsolb0r7zg.jpg

What I didn’t mention last time I told you about Bronner’s, was that just down the road, is a big shopping center.

So big, a cowboy driven trolley will shuttle you between the different sections.

 photo Birch Run Trolley_zps0a1pv4pq.jpg

 photo Birch Run Trolley 2_zpsds0rnzpz.jpg

Just don’t expect any extra car space on your drive home.

 photo Birch Run Shopping_zpskoodtwzv.jpg

If you want to read my full travel post on Frankenmuth and Broner’s, you can read it here.

Frankenmuth is a trip I try to take every year and I love it way too much to not make at least a tiny post about it.

Besides, who doesn’t like to be reminded by a Christmas fanatic that there are less than 100 days until Christmas?

Now, be honest with me. . .  is it too early to start decorating?


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