Miami, Florida

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I was in Miami this weekend.

I’ve traveled quite a bit in my life and there are very few places I’ve been that I haven’t liked. Miami is one of them.

So, when I found out I would be sent to Miami for work, I wasn’t as thrilled as I think it was expected that I would be.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never say no to being sent to Florida. I mean, come on . . .

 photo Miami Riverfront_zpsjqxlgvyd.jpg

Miami and I just have never clicked. It’s the same feeling as when you go on a blind date and have absolutely nothing in common.

If you like palm trees surrounding modern skyscrapers, bumper to bumper traffic at all hours of the day, wolf whistling and partying at a level that is borderline professional, you’d love Miami.

 photo Miami Downtown_zpsktigdui6.jpg

 photo Miami SKyline_zpsnqfsdsh9.jpg

There is actually a lot to do in Miami but if you’re traveling alone, it’s not the most fun place to be.

It’s one of those cities where you want to experience things with someone.

In New York, you can walk around, attend a show, go out to eat alone and it’s fine. In Miami, you want to do all those things with friends, a boyfriend, a sibling, whoever. Do you know what I mean?

 photo Downtown Miami 2_zps6f40zgwa.jpg

 photo Downtown Miami_zps0jwix2sb.jpg

It’s a very culturally rich town where you would never run out of things to do and, more importantly, places to eat. I know it’s a prime girlfriends getaway town and couples retreat.

 photo Miami Metro_zpsw6sx2qmp.jpg

 photo Downtown Miami 3_zpsatpwytki.jpg

 photo Miami Ruined Building_zpskywgviav.jpg

One thing that I did love about Miami was the art everywhere. It seems like everywhere you look there’s a painting, mural or sculpture just waiting for you to investigate.

 photo Miami Art_zpsqphehvpa.jpg

Do you have any cities that you feel this way about? That you need to experience with someone or that you just don’t mesh with?

Also, how do you feel about Miami? Am I the only one walking around like a character from 30 Rock?


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