Top Carry On Essentials

There is no way in which I would rather spend my time than traveling. Visiting friends, seeing new places, putting a giant check on my bucket list – I love it all. What I don’t like? Actually traveling. Early mornings, TSA, feeling like you forgot something, finding a cab then getting to your hotel only to realize that you had, in fact, forgotten something.

After years of traveling, I found that one way to take a bit of the edge off that stress is through a good carry on. These are all things I refuse to travel without and while they may not make the travel part of traveling fun, they do make it much better.




I hate traveling with makeup on. I’ll wash my face in the morning before leaving. Then, on the plane, before landing, I’ll brush my hair, pop a few mints, clean my face and swipe on a layer of mascara. A little thing but it makes me feel like a new woman and I leave the plane ready to take on the day.

Portable phone charger in case of delays and your flight doesn’t have outlets.

Fluffy socks because, let’s be honest, is there anything worse than being on a freezing flight?


I hate having cords and chargers lose in my bag. Wrap them up in a ziploc bag to keep things manageable and for more room.

Ipad and book (self-explanatory), headphones (the most important thing to remember) and a good wallet. Whatever you use daily, I can’t recommend a wallet with a zipper enough when you travel. If there was ever a time you want your cards and ID locked up and safe, it’s now.


Airplane blankets are disgusting. Bring a wrap or pashmina in case your flight gets cold. You’ll thank me later.


Finally, a big, durable tote (with a zipper!) to keep it all in. The hardest part is playing Jenga to fit it all in but once you get the hang of it, it will be second nature to you.


Everything you need, perfectly organized, to keep you sane and entertained until you get to your fabulous location. Safe travels!

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