Top Carry On Essentials

Whether traveling by plane, train or car (automobile – come on, you know I had to), I’m a big believer in having a proper carry on. No matter what my mode of transportation, my ‘carry on’ is always the same.

It always looks a little something like this:

 photo Carry On Essentials_zpskqn93zkc.jpg

First, I hate traveling with makeup on. Especially on a plane. I know I look like a zombie child without it and I’m perfectly fine with that.

Just before landing/arriving, I’ll clean my face with a face wipe to get off all that comes with uncirculated air, pop a few mints and I promise you, it makes you feel like a new person.

I carry the minimal amount of makeup with me: powder, mascara, chapstick and lipstick. When I land, I’ll run a  brush through my hair and swipe on a bit of mascara and am ready to go.

You’ll also never find me without gum, glasses, a portable charger and socks.

Once, on the way home from Chicago, the train was stopped and sat on the tracks unmoving on the tracks for 3 hours in the dead of winter. I had come straight from work and was freezing in my pencil skirt and pumps. Never will I travel without the biggest, fluffiest socks again.

Also, liquids in a bag. If you don’t have Purell in there, I have you covered.

 photo Carry On Essentials 2_zpsaw7za5mk.jpg

My wallet, obviously.

I like to keep all my chargers and cords in a ziploc. There’s nothing more annoying to me than puling something out of your bag and bringing all your cords with it. Skip the hassle and bag those bad boys up.

A book. I bring Harry Potter a lot when I travel. This way, I know it will last more than a day (2 tops) and I know I have a story I like. Hell hath no fury like me without a good book to read.

My tablet and headphones. For obvious reasons (to avoid talking to people sitting around you).

 photo Carry On Essentials 3_zpsined6ace.jpg

A cape. I know some people like to travel with scarfs but capes are bigger and I’m short so this becomes a full size, fashionable blanket for me when (not if, when) I get cold.

 photo Carry On Essentials 4_zpsoupwgcna.jpg

A big bucket bag to pack everything in.

 photo Carry on Essentials 5_zps9xp9o6xp.jpg

Then the fun begins. Tetris!

I find deep satisfaction when I get everything perfectly packed away in their proper places.

 photo Carry on Essentials 6_zps1qfi7vuk.jpg

One extra thing that’s not technically in my carry on but I do always carry on with me is water.

If I’m driving or taking the train, I’ll take a couple big bottles with me.

If I’m flying, I always buy the big liter bottles and won’t let myself leave my arrival airport until it’s gone.

 photo Carry on Essentials 7_zpseu1ftgwz.jpg

Tell me, am I missing anything essential in my carry on? What are your must haves?

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