Cheer, Cheer For Old Notre Dame

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I was in South Bend, Indiana last week.

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ll probably recognize the city name. Maybe like a word on the tip of your tongue.

Does this help?

 photo The Golden Dome Notre Dame 2_zpsaamqc3rx.jpg

South Bend is the home of the University of Notre Dame (technically, Notre Dame is it’s own town but people tend to forget that and just credit it as being in South Bend. Fun fact).

 photo The Basillica Notre Dame_zpsumcpgymv.jpg

If you’ve ever watched college football or, let’s be honest, turned your TV on on a Saturday and seen Rudy because it’s always on, you’ll know that Notre Dame is beautiful.

 photo Saint Marys Lake_zpsqfeba6az.jpg

I’m here to tell you though, they really don’t do it justice. If you find yourself driving through northern Indiana (maybe on your way to Chicago? It’s only an hour and a half apart), you have to stop and visit.

 photo Notre Dame Law_zpsvlxupslm.jpg

Until then, let me take you on a virtual tour. Oh, and did I mention I brought the person who introduced me to the beauty of a good wander along with me?

 photo P and P2 at SMC_zps7lksnuc7.jpg

Anyways, follow us.

 photo Wanderer Notre Dame_zpszfoyaqqy.jpg

 photo The Grotto Notre Dame. 2_zpsa2lkstck.jpg

 photo The Grotto Notre Dame. 3_zpszvickzlo.jpg

 photo Saint Marys Lake 2_zpsluzhzwld.jpg

 photo ND Graveyard 2_zps9hpschkr.jpg

 photo The Basillica Notre Dame 3_zps3lcl5wf8.jpg

 photo Quad Notre Dame_zpsxopkzaha.jpg

What many people don’t know is that Notre Dame has a sister school right across the street: Saint Mary’s College.

 photo Saint Marys Collegle Le Mans Hall_zps3fiofbi5.jpg

On our second day, I woke up early, grabbed a coffee and took a walk around campus as the sun came up.

 photo Early Morning Saint Marys College_zpsafjipfmo.jpg

 photo Saint Marys College Morning_zpsfoq8wqrs.jpg

 photo Le Mans Hall Saint Marys College_zpsv5g3shig.jpg

 photo Morning at Saint Marys College_zpswvezf1vp.jpg

 photo Archangel Saint Marys College_zpsefhkvuvy.jpg

 photo Convent Saint Marys College_zpsto3wvy3m.jpg

 photo Saint Marys College Cemetary_zps9d0f6md9.jpg

 photo Saint Marys College Clearing_zpsnatayokn.jpg

 photo Wanderer Saint Marys College_zps7kwhihrf.jpg

If you visit Notre Dame, you have to visit Saint Mary’s too. To see both is to really understand the full experience of life in Notre Dame, Indiana.

 photo Saint Marys College_zpselhw5m8n.jpg

Both campuses are beautiful with every detail immaculately thought out. They’re quiet and peaceful, the kind of place you instantly feel at home at.

 photo Notre Dame Law Building_zpsc3iwvftx.jpg

Tell me, what is the most beautiful college campus you’ve ever seen? Have you been to Notre Dame? What did you think?


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