Easy Autumn Stew

I don’t cook very often (I’m a very lazy eater) so when I do, you best believe it’s going to be photograph, documented and posted within an inch of it’s life. Which is why I have two recipe posts in a row.

Well, that and I’m on the road and didn’t feel up to editing and uploading any other photos.

Anyway, fall is here and for my family that means one thing: Hamburger Soup.

 photo Easy Fall Stew 4_zpsbjomvk0a.jpg

My Mom made hamburger soup my entire life and it’s my absolute favorite meal. The day I would come home from school to the smell of stew simmering on the stove, I knew fall was really here.

When I got my first apartment, I was so excited for her to teach me her culinary secrets. I had visions of us blowing the world away with our creative genius. Opening restaurants to rival even Giada.

Turns out, this is the easiest recipe in the world.

I’m a believer that us lazy cooks need to stick together so I decided to settle with posting the recipe here instead.

All you’ll need is:

 photo Easy Fall Stew 2_zpsiip8bz52.jpg

A handful of potatoes

Carrots, celery and onions – diced (you can really add whatever veggies you like. I normally will throw in a few handfuls of Soycutash if it’s in my freezer)

Ground round or vegetarian substitute (sautéed and fully cooked already)

Low Sodium V8 Juice

Ready for this. This is the only tricky part of the recipe.

You put everything in a pot over medium-low heat. Cover it. Leave it.

 photo Easy Fall Stew 3_zpslpuiynjl.jpg

 photo Easy Fall Stew 4_zpsbjomvk0a.jpg

Stir occasionally and then serve (when your potatoes are softened) with a big hunk of baguette. Or maybe add a little parmesan cheese.

 photo Easy Fall Stew 5_zps4hudjgrn.jpg

It isn’t the most photogenic of dishes but it makes up for it in taste. And ease.

 photo Easy Fall Stew 6_zpskvwafzdx.jpg

Proof that even lazy cooks can whip up a good meal.

Do you have any good autumn recipes to share? Fall is my favorite season, especially for food so don’t hold out on me!


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