On The Road, Ohio

I’ve been a  Midwest girl my whole life. I’ve lived in 3 Midwest states and traveled through all of them.

It wasn’t until I started my current job that I began to appreciate the MW. I get to meet and work with people from all over the country and I always hear people raving about how much they love people from the Midwest. I’m not sure why we have that reputation but I’ll take it.

We also have giant lakes, good food and brilliant fall colors. As with all things, we have our good and our bad. The bad: driving through Ohio.

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 2_zpsmgplzcw1.jpg

Ohio as a state isn’t bad at all but driving through it is something straight out of Dante.

Flat, straight roads full of truckers and surrounded by corn. You do all you can to not fall asleep (for me that’s serenading myself with various not-so-guilty pleasure songs).
 photo F11D43E7-E2CB-47C8-A531-C287EE654015_zps8znjzli4.jpg

Yesterday, I had to drive to Athens which is at the bottom of the state, almost on the border of West Virginia.

Over a 5 hour drive from Detroit. Over 5 hours of 60 mph speed limit (come on, Ohio), fields and fields of corn, tractors and straight, narrow roads. It. Was. Awesome.

 photo Ohio Roadtrip_zpsfywv596y.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 4_zpsbfiwlbrd.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 3_zpsgrxdcd2a.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 5_zpsmeoscjry.jpg

After Columbus, the drive got a little better as Wayne National Forrest loomed up. The dreary, treadmill of a road instantly became one of the most photogenic roads I’ve ever been on.

Unfortunately, the shoulders of the road are only to be used for emergencies so I couldn’t pull over to capture everything but I did manage a few, quick snaps.

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 8_zpsfsgtihjw.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 7_zpsyppvgpr5.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 6_zpsdf8j1ipi.jpg

I finally arrived at the Ohio University Inn, nestled right in the heart of a storybook, quaint midwestern town.

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 10_zpsw75bzfpz.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 11_zpsxtynbhsh.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 13_zpse2ua5ncz.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 14_zpsziwfe5tz.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 15_zpsjfoo7jv8.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 17_zpsuxqanxwl.jpg

Each room opens up to a balcony or patio leading into a central courtyard where you can eat dinner, sit around a bonfire or have a drink under the twinkle lights strung up between the buildings.

Midwestern charm at it’s finest.

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 18_zpsfjbaktls.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 19_zpso3shxvj2.jpg

 photo Ohio Roadtrip 20_zpsorjmfweo.jpg

Avoiding the temptation of my giant of a marshmallow bed for the moment (which I’m currently in and let me tell you, it’s dreamy), I headed down to the gym to retrain my legs that they can do more than cramp up in a little car.

I have a jeep and every time I have to drive a smaller car, I feel like I’m meshed into a tin can. Is that just a weird me thing or do you big car people feel like that too?

 photo 2DA3F8E2-D68E-4B74-A0BD-407A23FB1864_zpsmjxh0sbi.jpg

 photo 9C0140D5-79C2-461C-8795-07F7E1E004CF_zpsoincwcuq.jpg

After the gym, I beelined right to my big bed for Netflix and dinner which ended up being so good, I just have to share it with you!

 photo DSC03065_zpsucabtwsf.jpg

Grilled tomato and peach salad with burrata.

 photo DSC03069_zpsq1rwnx8h.jpg

 photo DSC03068_zpsv61pbmuj.jpg

Squash and zucchini noodles.

 photo DSC03070_zpsguw1bipi.jpg

Perfectly whipped garlic, buttermilk potatoes.

 photo DSC03074_zpsoayyn91x.jpg

Currently, I’m in a food coma watching my binging obsession (The Mysteries of Laura) and wishing my pup was here to snuggle with me.

 photo E9C397E0-6C48-4F75-90D0-99EDAC027089_zpsfx7c9wms.jpg

Have you driven through Ohio? Is there another state that’s terrible to drive through? Or am I just really picky?


2 thoughts on “On The Road, Ohio

  1. Lauren Elizabeth October 13, 2016 / 4:13 pm

    What a cute little inn! I always hate driving through New Jersey, it’s nuts and the people drive like they’re all insane. Lol!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls


    • Caitlin - Wanderer and Wolf October 17, 2016 / 2:03 pm

      I totally agree with you Lauren! The driving in NJ is no joke – I’m so glad I’ve never had to drive through myself!


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