Houston, Texas

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I woke up to this site over the weekend:

 photo Houston 2_zps2arv2m0a.jpg

Last week was crazy to say the least.

I had to drive back to Ohio on Wednesday, go to a work event Thursday then drive back to Michigan that evening. Woke up early Friday to catch a morning flight to Houston, worked on Saturday and flew back to Detroit late Sunday night.

My Ohio trip was so brief, I don’t have too many photos to share (you can find all the ones I have on my Instagram) but I do have quite a few from Texas.

 photo Houston_zpshf3jjrjv.jpg

When you travel for work, you don’t get a lot of free time but I try to do what I can to find time to explore the city I’m in. For Houston, that was visiting Hermann Park.

 photo Hermann Park Houston_zpskrgvzgls.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 4_zps31j4xgps.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 6_zpsx4v76j3a.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 7_zpsn4yqmk09.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 3_zpssqo3zewl.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 9_zpspvcbbesx.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 10_zpsgoe62lgt.jpg

When you spend as much time cramped in cars and planes as I have recently, you’ll take any excuse you can for a good walk. Hermann Park did not disappoint.

It reminded me of a combination of Lincoln Park and the National Mall.

You’ll find friends renting paddle boats in the pond, couples walking dogs in the chinese garden, families barbecuing, kids rolling down the hills and people from all walks of life going for a pre-dinner stroll or getting ready for an evening concert.

 photo Hermann Park Houston 11_zpsljpi3aqh.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 12_zpsyukxodw4.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 13_zpskxsbsara.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 14_zpstu1ymmhs.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 15_zpsaodv6quc.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 16_zpsybathadg.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 18_zpstiq6vdnc.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 19_zpsc2bmo44h.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 20_zpsmsbh3cdn.jpg

The city all around you seems to disappear beneath a canopy of trees and traffic noises are replaced with laughter and shouting.

 photo Hermann Park Houston 21_zpsg2mvoyca.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 17_zpsbe5iekm4.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 8_zpsmwfwseiq.jpg

Located right in the midst of Rice University and the museum district, it’s the perfect spot for some late afternoon sight seeing.

I love visiting parks in big cities. I feel like they are the perfect place to get a feel for the energy and life of the city you’re in.

Hermann Park was very eclectic. There was no typical person there. It was quiet and busy. Full of families and friends. Young and old. There was a lot to do and nothing to do. I absolutely loved it.

 photo Hermann Park Houston 24_zps5gniyuhi.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 25_zps9xrauihs.jpg

 photo Hermann Park Houston 27_zpspswbxhkw.jpg

As the sun began to set (our excuse – really we couldn’t take the smell of a good barbecue any more – we were about 2 minutes away from turning into Yogi Bear), we left for dinner at White Oak Kitchen in the Galleria – an upscale mall or, in as we came to know it, a complete labyrinth full of stores that will make you feel very depressed about your own paycheck.

If you love to window-shop, however, there is no better place.

 photo Galleria Houston_zpsaeobe0ko.jpg

 photo White Oak Houston 2_zpsh3ih1qih.jpg

With a happy hour menu that lasts until 8 (tell me that’s not something that makes your heart pitter-patter), we settled in for the night with big glasses of wine and enough small plates to feed a small army.

 photo White Oak Houston_zpsq0b6mobh.jpg

 photo White Oak Houston 4_zpsqodjdtsz.jpg

Dessert followed but more on that tomorrow.

If you’ve been to Houston, tell me, is the Galleria really easy to navigate or did you get uncontrollably lost there too?

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