The Creamiest Ice Cream Ever, Houston

I left you on Monday, after a stroll through Houston and a delicious small pate meal, with us heading out in the night, adventurers in search of a lost treasure.

Ice cream.

We desperately wanted needed ice cream.

 photo Creamistry Houston 8_zpsk2ajq4mr.jpg

As we approached the shop, we saw groups of people milling around outside and a line almost out the door. Apparently the people of Houston, see ice cream as the thing to do on Saturday nights. I like them a lot.

It wasn’t until we got inside and was instantly freezing and surrounded with mist that we realized this was no typical, choose your scoop number and cone size ice cream shop.

This was a liquid nitrogen shop.

 photo Creamistry Houston_zpsurllfg9g.jpg

Liquid nitrogen ice cream is a huge thing right now. I’ve been meaning to try it but just haven’t had the chance.

In my mind, I envisioned a scene like in Star Trek with the red matter, where ice cream scoopers expertly extract what they need and use Sherlock Holmes-like scientific precision to make the most perfect ice cream.

Yeah. It’s nothing like that.

It’s very cool though, nevertheless.

 photo Creamistry Houston 2_zpskdciesrr.jpg

You choose a base, a flavor and any topping you want and stand back and watch as your ice cream is made from scratch right in front of you.

 photo Creamistry Houston 4_zpsdd9trv6y.jpg

 photo Creamistry Houston 3_zps0pwpi7kd.jpg

 photo Creamistry Houston 5_zpsxhzjvsbl.jpg

If there was one food I could eat every single day, it would be ice cream. It’s my weakness.

Liquid nitrogen ice cream, is one of the best things I’ve ever had.

Creamier and fresher than regular ice cream since it’s made instantly in front of you, instead of sitting on a shelf in the freezer for who knows how long.

 photo Creamistry Houston 7_zps3wrjjkgb.jpg

Lauren said it reminded her of melting dip and dots a bit, which is a high compliment coming from her, let me tell you.

 photo Creamistry Houston 8_zpsk2ajq4mr.jpg

If you’re in Houston and have never been to Creamistry, I’m assuming you live under a rock.

If you’ve never tried liquid nitrogen ice cream, I forgive you but please, fix that situation immediately.

Tell me, have you had liquid nitrogen ice cream? What did you think?

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